Tips to Boost Your Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing can be a powerful tool in your arsenal, but only if it is handled appropriately. If you are not getting the results you hope for from your email marketing campaign, then it could be time to make some changes to build a more powerful email strategy.

Let’s take a look at a few tips you can use to boost the effectiveness of your email marketing strategy.

1 – Try the ‘Double Opens’ Strategy

One method which has been proven to improve email open rates is the ‘Double Opens’ email marketing strategy. It is estimated that 7 out of 10 people will not open an email the first time around. However, if you resend the same email to non-openers, you will increase open rates which will, in turn, increase the return on your investment.

For maximum results, there are a few things to take into consideration when using a double opens strategy:

  • Change the Subject Line to Something More Captivating
  • Take Time to Optimize Preheader Text
  • Choose the Send Time Carefully
  • Wait for 3 to 5 Days to Resend to Your Non-Openers

2 – Use Contextual CTA Buttons

One of the most important elements of email marketing is creating the right call to action! Without this, subscribers won’t know what action to take next. They need to be instructed on the next step, whether that is visiting your website, making a purchase or something else altogether! Don’t opt for a generic CTA like ‘Buy Now’ get creative and come up with a more exciting option.

It is important to remember that your call to action must be descriptive, noticeable, and easy to act on. It should also be contextual so try to drive home the same point used in your subject line and of course your main email copy.

3 – Aim to Boost Engagement

One of the most common reasons why email marketing fails is that the marketer is too focused on the short term goal of increasing sales! While that is a natural goal for any business, a constant sales push can turn potential customers off. To get the most out of email marketing, it is more important to work on building up a relationship with your subscribers. When you have strong engagement with your audience, it will naturally drive sales in the long run. Subscribers have joined your email list to learn more about you, not to receive monthly sales pitches. Always create your email content with engagement at the front of your mind.

Email marketing has been around for a long time, but it remains a vital part of any online marketing plan. However, it seems to be an area that many businesses struggle with and few master. These tips will give you a great starting point to improve your strategy and improve open rates.

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