The Secret to Increasing Social Media Engagement

For a long time, social media marketers have been hung up on how many likes or followers they can gather on each platform. However, the metric that we really need to be concerned with is actually engagement. It’s all about building a relationship with customers and creating personalized moments for them online. The question is, how can you increase your social media engagement? Should you reply to every single comment? What can you do to track every mention?

Let’s take a closer look at how best to invest in increasing your social media engagement rate.

Why Social Media Engagement Matters

One of the best ways to set yourself apart from other brands on social media is by making an effort to engage with your customers. That means responding to them when they comment or send a direct message. A staggering 88% of brands do not bother responding to messages that need a reply. Simply by engaging with your customers, you are automatically elevating your brand into the upper 12% within your industry!

3 Tips for Getting the Most from Social Media Engagement

1 – Complete All Profile Information

The first step in maximizing social media engagement is making sure that your profile is completely filled out on all platforms. Aside from the basics, pay particular attention to things like business category, location, and contact information.

2 – Take Advantage of All Features

Social Media platforms are evolving all the time and introducing new features and tools. It is important to keep on top of them all and make use of them. Many platforms are rolling out new ways to have conversations making it easier than ever before to connect with your audience.

3 – Add a Team Member’s Signature

If you have more than one person responding to customers on social media, it is an excellent idea to let customers know who is actually responding to them. It has become a common convention to end messages with a first name or initials next to hyphens or carats to identify the person responding.

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