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For some time now, internet marketing consultants and the like have been talking about how we are living in a digital age. That statement has probably never been more accurate with the growing popularity of increasingly intelligent and more advanced ‘home assistant’ devices allowing us to turn our homes into automated smart homes! With Google announcing the launch of their new Nest Hub Max, it seems like the perfect opportunity to take a closer look at how these devices are impacting our day to day lives!

What is the Nest Hub Max?

It might be easier to answer ‘what isn’t’ the Nest Hub Max! In the most basic of terms, it is a smart display for your Google Assistant, but when you delve deeper into what it can actually do you start to see that it is so much more! When not in use, the tablet-like device can sit on a shelf or any other surface serving as a digital photo frame. However, it can also become a television screen, a display for your CCTV, a camera, a video calling device, a radio and so much more based on the commands you ask your Google Assistant to perform. If you have other smart devices around the home, it can also become a remote control for those turning your residence into a curring edge ‘smart home’. Goggle recently put together a list of 101 ways to use the Nest Hub Max smart display, and that isn’t even an exhaustive list!

Nest Hub Max Versus Amazon Echo Show

Until now, there hasn’t been a device that looked to be a real competitor to the Amazon Echo Show, but with the launch of the Nest Hub Max that could all be about to change. Let’s take a look at how the two devices compare when put head to head!

  • Sound – For those looking to use their smart display to listen to music or watch video content, one of the key features is going to be sound quality, and both perform very well in this area. One of the excellent features of the Amazon Echo Show is that you can ask Alexa to tweak the bass and treble for the perfect sound. The Nest Hub Max also offers excellent quality sound, although some early reviews suggest that at higher volumes it does begin to sound a little strained.
  • Screen – Again, the screen is an essential feature for a smart display, and both devices feature a decent sized, crystal clear screen with a 1290 x 800 resolution. The Amazon Echo Show is marginally bigger at 10. Inches to the Nest Hub Max’s 10 inches. However, the Google Nest Hub does nudge ahead just slightly in this category thanks to its unique Ambient EQ technology which adjusts the screen to make the picture more life-like.
  • Camera – The camera is one of the features that separate the two smart display devices. The Amazon Echo Show features a decent 5MP camera which is a perfectly acceptable piece of kit – until you see what the Nest Hub Max has to offer! The 6.5MP camera has a 127-degree field of view complete with auto-framing and face recognition technology that allows the device to pull up your personal calendar and notifications as you approach!
  • Smart Home Compatibility – Both devices have plenty of smart home devices that they are compatible with including lighting, televisions, heating systems, and more. Consumers are unlikely to be disappointed by the choice either device offers. However, while both are compatible with Nest security cameras, the Nest Hub Max can actually become a security camera!

Based on this brief comparison, it looks like the Nest Max Hub could be about to give the Amazon Echo Show a bit of competition!

How do Smart Displays Impact Internet Marketing?

So, we have already seen that smart displays like the Nest Max Hub and Amazon Echo Show can have a positive impact on our home life by helping to automate all manner of process inside the home, but what do they mean for internet marketing? These devices are also being used to search for information on the internet and to watch video content. This means that internet marketing professionals need to start optimizing their content for voice search. For example, if you have recipe videos or cooking videos, you will want them to pop up in search results when a user asks for a particular recipe to be shown on their smart display in the kitchen. Queries now need to answer questions posed by users instead of optimizing content for short keywords and phrases!

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