Is Your Internet Marketing Strategy Data Driven?

If there is one thing that holds true in internet marketing no matter how much it evolves it is that a brand’s audience is king! After all, you can have the best content in the world or the most captivating message, but if nobody gets to hear it then it is essentially worthless! If you want your message to get in front of the right people at the right time, then you need to use all of the insights and data available to you!

The Google News Initiative recently teamed up with Deloitte to carry out a worldwide study aimed at helping publishers – including internet marketing professionals – to make better use of data in order to increase engagement, build direct paying relationships with audiences and to drive more revenue from targeted advertising.

Digital Transformation Through Data Report

The study reached out to 80 executives from 50 of the leading new and media companies in 16 different countries. These companies were selected from both print and digital media. What emerged was a vast divide in how the organizations were implementing a data strategy. Even although 75% of the participants acknowledged the value of allowing data to drive their decision-making process, less than half were using it effectively!

One thing was clear – the most successful news and media companies were using audience data to drive decision making across editorial and revenue processes. The same holds true when it comes to internet marketing! Those who are most successful are those using data from their target market to shape their internet marketing strategy.

Deloitte categorized each of the 50 organizations into one of four data maturity levels based on how well developed and executed their data strategy was.

  • Nascent: Organizations who had barely gotten started beyond collecting basic information.
  • Developing: Organizations who had achieved some success in utilizing collected data but were still struggling to implement effective processes.
  • Mature: Many decisions for these organizations were data-driven as standard, but there were still some instances where data was pushed aside in favor of old ‘traditional’ processes.
  • Leading: These were the organizations who were leading the pack through innovative use of data and continued experimentation to get the best results.

Think carefully about your internet marketing strategy and how you have incorporated data. Which category does your organization belong in? The Interactive Data Maturity Benchmarking Tool can help you to assess your current data maturity level! This will help to guide you in what changes should be made to your existing internet marketing strategy to make it more data-driven.

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