Five Tips For Using Google Analytics to Find Topics For Social Media

If you hire an internet strategy consultant or go about making an in-depth online marketing plan to help grow your business, one of the first things you’ll realize is that social media is more than just a means of casual communication. In fact, harnessing social media to boost interest in your business is a good idea, providing you know what to write about.

Fortunately, using Google Analytics to help you find topics for your social media campaign is entirely possible, and here’s how.

Categories of Interest

It would be handy to know the interests of the users who come to your website, wouldn’t it? Well, Google Analytics can tell you; your users are categorized by their interests, lifestyle, and product purchases. This information can all be found in Analytics under the “Audience” tab. Once you’ve got all this information, you can put together content for your social media campaign that the audience will enjoy. It may seem like extra work, but an extra twenty minutes or so scheduled in will make the world of difference to your marketing.


We’re all familiar with keywords, and generally, we know how to use them – but how do you know you’re using the right ones? An element of online marketing is “right place, right time”, but by ensuring you’re using the keywords that users are searching, you’ll be more likely to increase your traffic through your social media campaign. If you take a look at the “All Traffic” tab, under “Acquisition” on Google Analytics, you’ll be shown the keywords that people are using to find your site. The most popular keywords are the ones you should be using.

Most Visited Pages

Another thing Google Analytics can tell you is which of the pages on your website are visited the most. From this, you can see which pieces of content (whether it’s entire pages or single blog posts) that your audience has visited the most, indicating popularity and generally, what you should be producing more of. This will give you a good indication of the type of content that will benefit your online marketing, and your social media campaign. It will also highlight any areas that you have not yet covered, and give you some inspiration for fresh content.

Your Own Search Bar

Don’t overlook your own search bar! Taking a look at what people are searching on your own website through Google Analytics will give you an idea of what your audience wants to see more of, and this is invaluable. Once you’ve made a list of the topics that seem to be the most important to your visitors, you can curate a selection of high-quality content both for your social media campaign and more general online marketing which could bring you more traffic.


Comments are the main form of interaction on blogs and websites. Not only do these provide you with an opportunity to engage with the users of your website, but inspire conversation with others surrounding your own content.

The number of comments on particular pieces, again, can indicate popularity, and conversation contained within the comments may give you further inspiration for new content. Outside insight into your online marketing and social media campaigns can be extremely beneficial.

So now you know how useful Google Analytics is as a tool, and how it can really benefit your online marketing and social media campaigns. It’s well worth penciling in some time to really go through your Google Analytics for your website and get all the information you need to be handed to you to improve your content, engagement and really drive up your traffic.

To Your Best Online!

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