YouTube Kids Has Just Turned 2!

YouTube Kids launched two years ago and since then has become a prime location for family friendly content all across the world. It’s been no small success either, there have been over 30 billion video views and 8 million weekly active users. Families and children have fallen in love with videos from a wide range of creators and various types of content. From educational videos featuring experiments, learning languages, and DIY to animated shows, there is something for everyone on YouTube Kids.

What’s Next?
YouTube’s content department will be adding four new series to YouTube Red, and all of these original shows are specifically for YouTube Kids. These new shows will provide a variety of new content, and all have the family audience in mind. You should see them starting this spring, and more new shows will be on their way for the rest of 2017.
Taking A Closer Look 
Let’s take a look at the four new shows being introduced this spring.
  • Hyperlinked: Featuring the musical act L2M, this series is inspired by a true story. The show follows the lives of five girls as they team up to make their own website. All the while they are dealing with tween issues that kids face every day.
  • DanTDM Creates A Big Scene: This is an animated show about putting on a show. This energetic bunch of animated friends has to fight through all kinds of obstacles to keep their show going. Filled with behind the scenes footage of the gang overcoming challenges and learning new skills.
  • The Kings of Atlantis: This animated series is all about a fight for justice. Two young monarchs must overthrow a cruel leader who has taken over their kingdom and reclaim their birthright. Did we mention this all takes place in the underwater city of Atlantis?
  • Fruit Ninja: Frenzy Force: A juice stand established by a team of four Fruit Ninjas is only a cover for their secret service activities. The four Ninjas most unite to ward off evil forces.

Further Developments 

What’s better than four great new shows? How about a better way to watch them?

YouTube Kids will soon be available to watch on Smart TVs. You won’t have to try to squeeze everyone around a tablet or computer screen anymore, but instead, you’ll be able to watch comfortably on your living room television. Be on the lookout for a YouTube Kids app that will soon be available for a variety of different Smart TVs.

Trust and Enjoy 
Our kids will keep growing and YouTube Kids is looking forward to growing with them. It’s important that there is a balance between children being able to explore freely and parents feeling comfortable and safe about the content their kids will be exposed to. That’s why the goal of YouTube Kids is great content that parents can trust.
So Happy 2nd Birthday to YouTube Kids! Thank you for keeping our children in mind and putting forth great effort to make terrific content available. We are excited to see these four new shows and to see what else 2017 has in store.
To Your Best Online!

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