Why You Need an Internet Strategy Consultant

Do you remember when the internet first broke out? Some called it the “information superhighway“, what a name. Early-stage internet was dial-up and ran through your landline, took forever, and you paid by the hour. Early on people even said that the internet was just a fad and that it would never fully catch on. Now, it’s hard to imagine life without the internet, and it’s only been about 20 years!

The Early Days 

In the early stages, we experienced what came to be called the “dot com boom”. People began to realize that the internet could be used as a powerful marketing medium and websites for businesses started popping up as well as startups that focused that were completely internet-centric. You might recall that many of those early businesses failed when the dot-com bubble finally burst. Maybe they were bad businesses or maybe they were just a little too early and technology hadn’t quite caught up yet. There was even a time when people said they would never use their credit card online…how could they trust it? Now, some research shows that up to 51% of purchases are made online. However, the game has changed entirely from the early days.

Shifting Landscape Digital Landscape 

Early on all you essentially needed was a website. Most people probably heard about your business through a different medium and then went online to check out your site. At that point, an internet strategy consultant would have seemed like an unnecessary expense. However, over time the search engine algorithms changed, social media emerged, and people’s attention began rapidly shifting to the internet as a starting point. Seemingly overnight the value of hiring an internet strategy consultant began to make more sense.

3 Reasons You Now Need an Internet Strategy Consultant 

Simply having an online presence won’t cut it anymore. You can easily pay any number of firms to develop a website for you, but the value of simply building a website has drastically diminished over time. People are less likely to search directly for your business; they are more likely to search a related interest or service. Print, radio, and television advertisements have lost tremendous amounts of value, simply because people’s attention is online and the traditional mediums no longer cut it. In order to have a valuable online presence, you need an internet strategy consultant. Here’s how they can help.

1. Clarity 

Traditional marketing and storytelling methodologies don’t translate the same online as they have in older advertising mediums. An internet strategy consultant can help you make sense of your business’s online identity and how to clearly represent your truths online.

2. Visibility 

If you are not discoverable online then you’re no better off than a backward billboard on a one-way road. An internet strategy consultant knows what it takes to make your business discoverable online. Consider this; there are currently over 100 different social media sites online. An internet strategy consultant can help you identify which ones could provide the most value for your business, and some of those you may have never known existed otherwise.

3. Ongoing Management 

SEO is a constantly shifting landscape. What was relevant a year ago no longer is, and the work it takes to stay on top of both awareness and implementation of those changes is crucial to your success online. An internet strategy consultant is able to provide up-to-date expertise in a complex and ever-changing field. Additionally, it takes continual management to stay ahead of the changes required to maintain your visibility. Often you can acquire an internet strategy consultant, or their firm’s services, for less than the cost of hiring a new marketing employee. In reality, you will need a team of highly-skilled individuals to give your business an edge online, and an internet strategy consultant offers the best results and at the best value.

Catching Up 

We can safely say by now that the internet is no fad. We are all living through the early stages of one of the biggest events in human history. The impact, reach, and value of the internet will only continue to grow as the years go by. While you may have never considered an internet strategy consultant before, now is the time to start. If you wait too long your competitors may jump in front of you with a more powerful online presence, and once they begin to eat away at your market share it may be too late. Don’t hesitate, contact an internet strategy consultant and get ready to grow your online presence and your business.

To Your Best Online!

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