Twitter Hacks Every Marketer Should Know

Twitter can be an essential element of a powerful internet marketing plan, but it is also one area where marketers seem to struggle most. Successfully maintaining an active Twitter account is a challenge, but given that there are around 1 billion monthly visits to websites by way of embedded Tweets, it is well worth making an effort. That is why we have decided to share with you some great Twitter hacks that will help you create a powerful internet marketing plan.

Use Twitter Lists to Their Best Advantage

One feature that is extremely underutilized is Twitter Lists. The default setting for Twitter is for all Tweets from the users you follow to be served up together in your feed. However, sometimes you need content to be a little bit more organized! Twitter lists are a great way to curate Tweets from a small group of users allowing you to streamline the process of find content relating to a particular topic. There are several ways that this can be put to use as part of a powerful internet marketing plan:

  • Influencers – Gather up a list of some of the top influencers in your industry and start engaging with them on Twitter to build relationships. Retweet and like their content or mention them when you share links that may be of interest. Keep these influencers together, and soon you have a strong network of influential people who could help to raise your brand’s profile.
  • Customers – Twitter is a favorite place to interact with your clients in real time. Create a Twitter List of your current and previous customers and start working to build a community around your brand. Use the private setting for this list to stop competitors from checking them out!
  • Leads/Prospects – As well as having a client list you could also create one for leads and prospects. This is a great option for B2B businesses in particular. Statistically, it takes seven contacts to close a sale, so having your prospects on a Twitter List helps you to interact with them on social media easily and will assist in creating a powerful online marketing plan for your business.

Find Your Optimal Time for Tweeting

If your online marketing plan involves just sending out Tweets at random, then the Twitter aspect of it is likely to fail. There are thousands of Tweets sent every single second, and the feed moves quickly so many of them get lost in the crowd. If you want maximum visibility for your Tweets, then you need to figure out the best time to send them!

According to research carried out by Sprout Social regarding the best times to post to social media, to build a powerful online marketing plan the best times to Tweet are as follows:

  • Monday through Thursday are best, with Thursday being the premium day of the week!
  • Noon is the ideal time to send out your Tweets, but generally, any time from Noon until 3 pm will get results.
  • Early mornings and late nights are not recommended for Tweeting.

Use Images to Beat the Character Limit

There are some occasions where the 140-character limit on Twitter can be very limiting. However, there is a neat little Twitter hack you can use to get around this and give your online marketing plan an extra boost! Instead of condensing your statement or splitting it up over several tweets, you can simply type it as a note on your smartphone then share a screenshot! Use this technique sparingly – Twitter is primarily a microblogging platform. However, it is a good option if you want to make a major statement.
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