The Future of Content Marketing…Is It Really Going to Disappear?

What is it?

Content Marketing is used on a regular basis around the world. It is any type of marketing that works to gain or retain a customer base. Predominately, it is focused on reaching your audience via social media. Originally, this was seen as a fad, but now it is widely considered a necessity. It allows companies to personalize their customers experience based on their interests. As a new marketing “must-have” many people run up against quite a few challenges, primarily because it is a job in and of itself. It takes a significant amount of strategy and work, plus there is no one right way to do.

Who is using it?

Currently, it seems that everyone is implementing some form of this marketing practice. Approximately 88% of marketers for business-to-business companies have content marketing within their marketing portfolio; still only 32% have developed a plan. It is no longer an optional part of your marketing strategy. Companies have to appeal to their buyers, and more importantly, companies must market where the attention is. Strategy and consistency are key, and the majority of your success depends on the planning and material.

When it works:

It works when time and effort are put into it…like anything. There has to be a long term and short term strategy in order to make this work. If it is not planned, you will be like the majority whose marketing plan and consistency fail.

When it is not working:

The majority of companies who engage in this practice do not have a solid strategy in place to make it effective. Because planning is one of the most important pieces of success many people do not see how it is really worth it in the end. Content marketing is key to success, but it will not be if the planning process is approached casually.

Where will it end up:

In time if plans are not put in place content marketing will continue to die out as it is currently in some cases. The effectiveness has continually fallen off over the past few years. In the past year, the strategy effectiveness has decreased by another 8%.

Where is our thought process now?

When this marketing method first became popular it was the “new shiny object” that everyone wanted in their marketing plan. It was something new and intriguing and could bring in money. The problem that arose is people thought it would be easy to turn this new method of engagement into new money. Now that we are a few years down the road, corporations are realizing it takes money, time, and manpower in order to make it work. If these are all put into place companies will begin to see the effectiveness of this marketing method, and that it is indeed worth the effort. In the end, content marketing will flourish once we learn how to embrace the thought behind it.

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