Minimizing Distractions for Online Marketing

When strategizing an online marketing campaign, one must consider the value of their Internet Presence. How can your brand achieve a good standing and top of mind if you cannot keep your target audience focused on you?

A study has been released that a human’s attention span is now shorter than that of a goldfish, which is a mere 9 seconds. Which means you only have a few short seconds to grab your audience before they are distracted and lose interest.

Back in 2012, we had 12 seconds to pay attention. Since then, it has gradually been decreasing and we are now left with 8 seconds. Why, you ask?

Technology has been booming for years with companies releasing online app after app, updates above updates, and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down. Below is a short timeline of the online sites launched over the years:

2003 – LinkedIn and Myspace
2004 – Facebook and Digg
2005 – YouTube and Reddit
2006 – Twitter
2007 – Tumblr
2010 – Pinterest and Instagram
2011 – Snapchat

These are just some of the popular online sites, there are thousands of webpages and millions of text messages all competing for a moment of your target audience’s 8 seconds.

How does this affect your Online Marketing campaigns?

As if it wasn’t a struggle enough getting the market to look your way and buy your product, now you have only 8 seconds or less to convince them to do so. In an online world where your brand’s success is measured in followers, post clicks, likes, shares, views and of course, conversions, how can you capture enough attention to get it that far?

Joe Kraus, an entrepreneur and partner with Google Venture, says “We are creating and encouraging a culture of distraction where we are increasingly disconnected from the people and events around us, and increasingly unable to engage in long-form thinking. People now feel anxious when their brains are unstimulated.”

It can be difficult to get you target audience’s attention, but it isn’t impossible. Here are 3 tips to get your target audience to focus their 8 seconds on your online marketing campaign:

1. Keep It Simple
When marketing on a time limit, narrow down the information you provide to memorable, relevant and easy to understand bits.

There is no time for long introductions and unnecessary facts. Inform them with what they need to know about you and why you are valuable to them.

2. Show, Don’t Tell
More than half of the population are visual learners. Graphics are transmitted to the brain and understood a lot faster than text, which is why less talk and more walk is important. Videos, infographics and supporting images will help your online marketing campaign a great deal!

Make sure to keep your website design in mind, and how it looks on their mobile and tablet. Aesthetics, image clarity and overall design can leave a great impact on how the target audience perceives your brand. First impression is vital, otherwise, they won’t spend a second longer on you.

3. Mind Your Medium
With thousands of sites and apps demanding your target audience’s attention, it is vital you choose the right and most relevant channel when distributing your information.

When you have a short message, supported by eye-catching visuals, complete your online marketing campaign by delivering it via an uncluttered channel where you can easily be seen and heard.

Facebook can help a great deal when targeting your ads and posts to the right audience. Once you lead them to your website and get them to subscribe, email newsletters also help you keep your consumers informed and updated.


To Your Best Online!

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