Helpful Hints for Promoting Your Instagram Account

A successful Instagram account can be a great addition to your flawless saturated internet presence, but it takes much more than just uploading attractive images. It is important to get other people to engage with your content to give it as much reach as possible. With over 700 million registered users, Instagram is a great source of traffic but only if you know how to promote it correctly.

Check out these helpful hints for promoting your Instagram account and growing it organically until it becomes a vital part of your saturated internet presence.

Choose a Simple & Searchable Username

If a customer wants to look you up on Instagram, they are likely to do a quick search for your name. Make it easy for them to locate you by using a simple user name which is consistent with your other social media profiles. Here are a few best practice guides to consider:

  • Your username should be straightforward and easy to spell
  • Usernames should be consistent across all social media platforms
  • Be true to your brand, company values, and mission statement
  • Avoid special characters, numbers or underscores

Create a Great Bio

Your Instagram bio should also be kept relatively simple. You will want to clearly and concisely state who you are and what you do. Your bio is one of the few places on Instagram where you truly get to promote yourself, so don’t forget to add a link. It is advisable to use a URL shortener to make the link more concise and allow for easy tracking. It is up to you to discern whether this link should go to your homepage or direct to a promotion or landing page. Choose whichever works best as part of your saturated internet presence.

Use Hashtags to Maximum Effect

Hashtags are a great way to get other Instagram users to discover your content. They are one of the best ways to increase your visibility which is essential if you are going to make Instagram an integral part of your saturated internet presence. It is important to set aside a little time on a regular basis to research the latest hashtags for your industry. Choose relevant hashtags and use them in your campaign to boost your reach and hopefully find some new followers.

You should also develop your own ‘official’ branded hashtag. It is a little-known fact that 7 out of every ten hashtags on Instagram are branded! Having your own branded hashtag is an excellent way to build brand awareness. Use a good mix of branded and standard hashtags for the best engagement.

Focus on Recognition Not Sales

Instagram is not about the hard sell! No-one is interested in a profile that resembles a wall of advertising. To make good use of Instagram as part of your saturated internet presence, you need to be more subtle when it comes to selling your product. The goal for your Instagram account should be to engage with people rather than sell to them. You need to take a more creative approach to sales. Let the images do the talking and add a short, informative caption. The best way to explain how best to use Instagram as a sales tool is that it is there to drive people to your product pages and once they are there you can use your hard-selling techniques. As far as Instagram goes, just focus on creating attractive images that will generate interest in your product.

Promote Your Instagram On Other Networks

To make your Instagram a part of your saturated internet presence, you must promote it across other social networks. Share a link to your Instagram feed on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Cross-platform promotion is especially important if you are new to Instagram as you can use your primary social media platforms to gain more followers.
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