Four Ways to Purchase, Optimize, and Analyze Ads for a Mobile World

Since early this year, marketers have taken to Facebook for their Online Marketing more than ever before. With a 25% growth, 2.5 millions online advertisers are now using the social media platform, taking advantage of the convenience when marketing to their target audience.

In the fast paced world we live in, everyone is on the go. These online connections are increasingly happening on mobile devices compared to laptops and desktops which is why we are presenting you with four ways online advertisers can reach their target audience with relevant content, capitalize on mobile marketing, and give consumers better ad experiences.

1. TRP Buying

TV commercials are considered a classic form of advertising as it dates back a while. With Targer Rating Point, advertisers can now increase reach and improve overall effectiveness by boosting TV campaigns with Facebook video ads.

With a total TRP target in mind, marketers can now plan campaigns, buy a share of those TRPs with Facebook, and have an ad ratings measurements system verify just how successful it is.

New Facebook-commission research conducted by Nielsen shows that TRP buying provides marketers with:

a.     Increase in Reach
Studies showed a 19% increase in targeted reach when Facebook and TV were combined. When the target audience was narrowed down to Millennials, the reach hit 37%.

b.     Cost efficiency
In the same study, impressions garnered on Facebook were twice as likely to hit their target audience as compared to TV impressions, allowing advertisers to spend less.

c.      Effectiveness
Studies showed that people exposed to both TV and Facebook demonstrated a 3.2% increase in ad memorability, 11.5% increase in brand linkage and 22.7% increase in likeability linkage.

2. Brand Awareness Optimization

Depending on their objective, advertisements typically fall into one of the two categories:

a.     Brand Awareness
b.     Direct Response

While there are multiple optimization capabilities already for ads with a direct response objective, such as online conversion or application installs, there have been just a few for brand campaigns. With Facebook’s new brand awareness optimization, however, that’s all about to change.

This is designed to help marketers narrow down their target audience to only those that are most likely to recall their ads. When considering the awareness of one’s brand, it’s important to keep a balance of market attention and reach. Reaching thousands of people without getting at least half of the group’s attention is a waste of effort, time and money.

Brand awareness optimization will be available when purchasing in the Ads auction, as well as in the Reach and Frequency tab in Power Editor.

3. Mobile Polling

Mobile polling helps advertisers measure the impact of their campaigns. In partnership with Nielsen and Millward Brown Digital, this tool allows marketers to conduct mobile polling on both Facebook and Instagram.

Conducting these polls on mobile help make the measurements more accurate because it allows advertisers to analyze how successful a campaign was in the same place it was delivered – on mobile.

4. The Carousel Format

Last year, the carousel format was launched on Facebook, giving advertisers a creative look in News Feed. This helped brands showcase their products, garner attention and resulted in action such as app installs and visits on their websites.

It has just been announced that they are adding a video option to this amazing narrative tool. This gives advertisers more to work with when sharing their brand’s story.


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