Finding The Right Content For Social Media and Online Marketing

When you’re managing social media accounts and creating posts for your online marketing strategy, how can you make your search for shareable and relevant content quick and easy?

The internet can be full of time consuming yet highly entertaining things. From cat videos to odd quizzes, our lunch breaks and weekends are always a party. However, when it comes to your brand’s marketing, posts that tempt you to be unproductive should be rid of. Half the Content you put out there should be chosen from existing pieces that are relevant to your audience’s interests. Here are 3 steps on how can you be more selective with the content you are given.

Step 1: Filters and Alerts!

Like every first move to gathering content, start with a simple Google search. However, use filters to narrow down your results.

On the far right under your search box, you’ll see “Search tools”. Clicking on that and filtering by “Time” will help you find recently published posts relevant to the keywords you typed in. Similarly, choosing “News” immediately lets you see all the latest articles that offer more research-based posts.

If you’re happy with the results, you can set up Google Alerts so that you don’t miss a thing. Now, the content you need is being sent straight to you inbox.

Step 2: Facebook Interests

When you’re on Facebook and you see post after post on your feed, these are just from a selected portion of updates. You don’t see everything the people and pages you follow posts, and not everything you do end up seeing will help you get shareable content.

To segment your feed by industry topics, create lists of people and pages you do want to hear from and add them to your favorites.

To create a new list, click “Home”, “interests” and you’ll find “Create List” on the left panel. Once you’ve added in the people and pages, give the group a name, save it and go back to “Interests” You’ll find a flower-like icon on the right and select “add to Favorites”

Step 3: Twitter Lists

Unlike Facebook, Twitter’s feed is not algorithmically sorted. Create a list to filter what you see. Lists act as a curated feed focusing on topics, you don’t even have to follow the account to add them to a list!

Click on the flower-like icon to the left of the “Follow” button and add them to a list. Now whenever you need more content to share, you’ll have the tweets of industry leaders and influencers at the palm of your hand.

We hope these 3 easy tips helps you through the internet’s content jungle. Sharing great content regularly will surely bring you loyal and engaging followers that can help your business grow.


To Your Best Online!

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