Facebook Remarketing Techniques That Really Work

Does your internet strategy include remarketing? If not, then you could be missing out on potential sales from previous website visitors. With the help of custom Facebook audiences, you can tailor your Facebook ads to those rapidly cooling leads and turn them into customers.

What is Remarketing?

Remarketing is a technique which aims to reintroduce a product or service to those people who have visited a website, or social media profile, but have not yet made a purchase. It is an effective internet strategy because it targets people who have shown an interest in a brand and are more likely to respond to that little extra push towards making a purchase.

3 Easy Facebook Remarketing Techniques

Facebook can be a great tool to use in remarketing, and it is something that an internet strategy consultant will look at including into your online marketing plan as a way to increase social media conversion rates. Let’s look at 3 Facebook remarketing techniques that get proven results.

1 – Remarket to Landing Page Visitors

One thing to remember when using remarketing as part of your internet strategy is that if an individual has visited one of your landing pages, it indicates they have at least some level of interest in your product and are already aware of your brand. These people are a ‘warm’ audience, so rather than offering them something generic, consider creating landing page specific Facebook Ads, which are more relevant to those people. For example, you could target your ad to anyone who visited your landing page in the last 30 to 60 days. The audience will be smaller than a more general add, but because of their previous interest in the product, the conversions are likely to be much higher, which means only good things for your internet strategy.

How to Target Website Visitors with a Facebook Custom Audience

  • Install the Facebook Pixel on Your Website
  • Go to the Audience Section of Facebook Ads Manager
  • Click on Create Audience
  • Choose Custom Audience
  • Select Website Traffic
  • Pick ‘People Who Visited Specific Web Pages’ from The Drop Down
  • Type in The URL of The Landing Page

You can also create an additional condition to your custom audience, which will exclude people who have visited your Thank You page, as they have already purchased.

2 – Remarket to Newsletter Subscribers

There are two types of newsletter subscribers. Those who regularly open and read your newsletters and those who don’t. The active subscribers are easier to market to – you can send them sales-oriented content using calls to action like ‘start today’ or ‘shop now.’ However, those inactive subscribers are just as critical to your internet strategy. There is a reason why they signed up for the newsletter. At some stage, they must have been interested in the brand, so why not send them a reminder of why? Soft sell techniques are the best option here. Share a recent blog post or offer a free eBook to bring your brand back to the forefront of their minds.

When creating your custom Facebook audience, you will need to choose ‘Customer File’ and import your email marketing list. Don’t forget to segment it by active and inactive subscribers, to get the most benefit from retargeting.

3 – Remarket to People Who Almost Purchased

Everyone has been in the situation where you add a bunch of things to an online shopping cart, then for whatever reason, you never check out. Your online strategy needs to look at ways to encourage customers who have done this to return and complete the purchase. Creating a new Facebook custom audience for shopping cart abandoners is an excellent way to retarget those people. The best tactic is to use emotional triggers like limited-time offers or to remind them of the great product they are missing! To create this custom Facebook audience, you would need to include people who visited the checkout page but exclude those who completed their purchase.

These are just a few of the ways that Facebook remarketing could be helping you turn past website visitors or cold leads into paying customers. It is a tactic that deserves a place in your internet strategy.

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