Drive Traffic With These Outbound Marketing Techniques

Inbound marketing versus outbound marketing has been a long-standing debate among internet marketing professionals for several years now, but the reality is that we need to make proper use of both to be truly successful.

Outbound marketing is necessary to drive inbound website traffic, so let’s take a look at some of the techniques that can be incorporated into a well-rounded internet marketing strategy to drive quality traffic to your website.

Guest Posting

Guest posting is another hotly debated topic in the internet marketing community with many believing it to be a dead technique. However, guest posting is an excellent way to establish credibility within your industry. Do this by framing yourself as an expert on a particular topic. It also has the added bonus of helping to drive traffic to your website.

Follow these tips for effective guest blogging:

  • Choose relevant, authoritative sites to post on
  • Pitch a choice of topics they might be interested in
  • Once a topic is agreed, produce the content keeping in mind the host site’s editorial style and rules
  • Create a killer author bio to accompany the post including links to your social channels and/or website
  • Once published promote the post heavily – the most popular guest authors are often invited to publish regularly

Clean Up Broken Links

Broken links are bad news in internet marketing. Not only does having broken links on your website have a negative impact on your SEO, but it also contributes to poor user experience. Even the best websites have broken links creep in from time to time as products or services are discontinued or resources are removed. Schedule some time on a regular basis to check links and fix any dead ones.

However, there is a smart little trick you can use as part of your internet marketing plans that allows you to take advantage of other people’s broken links! Visit relevant authority sites in your niche or industry. Scan them for broken links using a tool such as the Ahrefs Broken Link Checker. Make note of what resource was being linked to. You can then create a similar resource to publish on your site and reach out to those sites offering your link as an alternative to solve Thier broken link issue!

Create Relevant Resources to Link to

When browsing the web you will likely have encountered websites which have a resources page full of links to relevant resources such as case studies, free ebooks, interesting articles or free tools. This is actually an outbound marketing trick that you might want to include in your own internet marketing strategy. Seek out authority sites featuring these resource pages. Reach out to them to see if they will include resources you have on your website. Just be sure that your content is unique and valuable to their audience for the maximum chance of being accepted.

These are just a few examples of outbound marketing techniques that you might want to add to your internet marketing strategy, but there are countless others that may also be useful.

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