Create An Email Newsletter That People Want To Read!

As a marketer, you try to figure out the best online marketing strategy for your brands. Studying how your viewers respond to your posts and using this data to your advantage can help you gain a strong Internet Presence. When you have a good number of loyal followers, how can you best market to them on a personal level and maintain that relationship? Email newsletters! Here are 5 tips on creating an email newsletter that people would actually want to read and therefore, stay away from that unsubscribe button!

1.) Figure out the purpose of your email newsletter

Email newsletters are generally not designed to serve just one purpose. You can’t spam your reader by an email daily, once they’ve entrusted their personal email to you. So, make the most out of each one!

Your email newsletter may be an event invitation or reminder, a survey, information about your product or service, updates, promotions, etc.

It can turn out looking like a mess if you try to squeeze that all in! Be sure to stick to one main topic and pair it with one call-to-action. A side topic like a promotion or event may be added as well, just make sure it is easy on the eye and far from cluttered.

2.) Balance your email newsletter content to be 90% educational and 10% promotional.

Although it is an important factor to educate your readers on your products and services, they wouldn’t want to see “Buy Me” messages too much. Instead, send them information relating to your products and services.

If your brand is an online pet store selling cats, don’t just send pictures of the furry little feline. Send them tips on training, cleaning, feeding, different types of breed and fun facts, anything interesting and informative!

Remember that it’s not about you, it’s about your audience and how they can benefit.

3.) Set expectations

Think from the readers point of view this time. Wouldn’t you be hesitant to commit to something without knowing full-on what you’re signing up for? On your subscribe page or banner,  get specific about what will be in your email newsletters and how often your potential subscribers should expect to hear from you. This will help you gain their trust and be more open to hearing from you.

In relation to setting expectations, be clear with your email subject lines but don’t forget to stay creative! Come up with a short subject line that is funny, specific, and engaging for each email newsletter you send.

4.) Design and Copy

As mentioned in our first tip, email newsletters can easily get cluttered. To help reduce this risk, keep your copy concise and have enough white space in your design.

Stick to the important information because the end goal is not to have your readers sit around scrolling your emails all day, you want to send them elsewhere, be it your website, blog or your actual store – that’s why your call-to-action must be clear.

White space helps heaps because it is visually pleasing to the eye. It makes your email newsletter look a little lighter and helps your readers click the right links.

It is understood that having a more visual message has a bigger chance of enticing the viewers and getting the message across. Though this is true for all sorts of content marketing, this can provide a certain limitation in email marketing. There is a chance that your subscriber won’t have images enabled for their email, so be sure your images have “alt text”. Alt text is the alternative text that appears when images aren’t loaded in an email.

5.) Make it easy for people to unsubscribe

We don’t mean this in a “fail purposely” way but this is actually important if you want to maintain an active, engaged subscriber list. Keep your list healthy and have a clear unsubscribe process.

We suggest you link the unsubscribe button to a one or two question survey asking why they chose to unsubscribe and if they have any suggestions.

There you have it! Keep in mind that what works for another brand might not work for yours so once you’ve set up your email newsletters, test these tips out! Experiment until you’ve got the perfect process especially curated for your audience.

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