6 Tips For A Successful Holiday Marketing Campaign

Our second –”ber” month has ended and soon, we’re going to have to prepare for Holiday-focused Internet Marketing campaigns. Be sure your offline and online presence drive enough traffic and are relevant to what your target audience want and need.

When the Christmas songs start playing and the decorations come out, marketers can maximize these emotions felt by their target audience by engaging with them. There is a lot of spending done during the holidays. Here are six tips to create a successful holiday marketing campaign.

1. Keep it personalized

What better way is there to create engagement than including them in your ads? Allow your customers to get involved by putting themselves in your ad. Think of fun and innovative ways they can interact with your campaign and you’ll surely get more likes and shares on social media.

2. Get your team in on it

Getting your staff involved can boost your marketing campaign’s effectiveness because you don’t only show your customers how much of a team you are, but you can tap into their social circles as well. Feature them in ads, commercials, or have them participate in your engaging campaigns and share it.

3. Hit home

Decision-making is never purely rational. Consumers usually make decisions emotionally first before weighing out the pros and cons. Because of this, take advantage of the emotions oozing during the holidays. Focus on the emotions relevant to the season such as family, friendship, good will, giving back, gratitude, etc.

4. Make it easy to share

Maximize the chances of your campaign going viral by making It easy to pass around. Studies show that 74% of consumers rely on word of mouth as the top influencer when making decisions, especially when those decisions involve purchasing a product or service. This boosts your credibility and builds a stronger trust foundation.

Make your content shareable by making it engaging and adding social media icons or links.

5. Offer deals

Online campaigns that feature deals can garner a lot of traffic and engagement. Have your audience feel exhilarated by featuring countdowns, contests, games, and the like. These work for both online and in-store campaigns.

6. Stay consistent

In this day and age, marketing campaigns don’t just stick to one outlet. Be sure to create a consistent experience for your customers throughout all your channels. This goes beyond design and branding. Be sure your staff is all well versed in each deal you are offering and what the terms and conditions are.

Good luck on planning out your campaign!


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