5 Hobbies That Make Us Smarter!


Hobbies are viewed as ways to de-stress and show a lot about who we really are – and in the world of Online Marketing and Social Media, finding a relaxing outlet is a must! But did you know that there are some hobbies that can actually be brain-boosting, helping you enhance your cognitive skills, improve your recall, and generally make you smarter?

Here are 5 hobbies that can do just that:

1. Exercising regularly
Regular exercise enhances object recognition memory because it releases a protein linked to cognitive benefits such as long term memory.

2. Playing a musical instrument
Playing an instrument also enhances cognitive skills and academic achievement by promoting development of certain executive functions. Children who are able to play an instrument are more verbally articulate and are able to process information faster.

3. Playing video games
Contrary to it’s infamous reputation, playing video games develops working memory, which is the system responsible for holding and processing new and already-stored information. It is understandable that playing a video game 30 minutes a day can also improve strategic planning and motor performance.

4. Learning a new language
Speaking multiple languages can slow brain aging and improve the brain’s executive function, helping you perform mentally demanding tasks way better. Bilinguals have shown to be better at solving puzzles, planning, task management, and multi-tasking.

5. Reading
Aside from the obvious improvement of one’s vocabulary, reading causes significant increases in connectivity in the left temporal cortex, an area associated with receptivity for language.

Thanks to ProEssayWriter.net’s infographic on these 5 awesome hobbies, we know how to spend our lunch break a little wiser now.


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