Why You Should Be Repurposing Old Content

We all know a good internet marketing strategy requires a steady stream of fresh new content. However, there is a high possibility that you are directing people to blog content on your website which is out of date. Alternatively, there may be content there which is no longer getting any traffic. These blog posts are still valuable regarding your internet marketing strategy. All you have to do is look at ways of repurposing them to bring in more traffic.

Not all of the content you produce will rank as highly as you would like on Google. This is why most successful blogs are focusing their internet marketing strategy on delivering quality content over quantity. As per the Pareto Principle, roughly 20% of your blog content will generate 80% of your website traffic. With this in mind, doesn’t it make sense to get as much mileage as possible out of your most popular content? Let’s take a look at how older content can be repurposed successfully as part of a powerful internet marketing strategy.

Identifying Content to Repurpose

To determine which of your old blog posts you should think about repurposing, take a look at Google Analytics reports for the posts that generate the most traffic. Pick out those you published some time ago, and review them to see if the information contained in them is still relevant. If your content is out-dated, then it is not providing your audience with something of value, and you need to rethink your internet marketing strategy. Similarly, if your older content is no longer getting traffic, then you need to remove it, redirect it or update it!

3 Reasons for Repurposing Old Blog Content

Let’s take a look at 3 of the top reasons why you should be repurposing old content to give your internet marketing strategy a boost:

  1. Old Content is Driving Organic Traffic but is Now Outdated
    It could be the case that some of your old content is still driving organic traffic. However, if it is outdated or irrelevant, visitors are not going to stick around. Instead, they will move on to a website offering more up to date content. If you only need to make minor updates, then you can just edit without republishing, although it is an excellent idea to re-share the link via your social media platforms. If the content requires substantial editing, then it is worth republishing it.
  2. The Post is Ranking on Google’s Second Page
    Did you know that over 90% of internet users do not bother clicking past the first page of Google results? If your content ranks at the top of page two, then you could be missing out on massive amounts of traffic. Taking the time to update republish and promote that content could help to push it onto page one in the SERP rankings. Even updating the SEO on the content could be enough to give it that added push.
  3. Some Posts Are Just Valuable Content Your Audience Needs to See
    Perhaps you have a high-quality article that is full of important information. Even if it is a few years old, as long as the content is still accurate it remains an integral part of your internet marketing strategy. Republishing this content can help put it in front of a fresh audience who did not see it the first time around!

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