Creating lasting relationships and driving your target audience to act are among the greatest end goals of many online marketing plans today. This common goal points to the reason why calls-to-action existed in the digital era of marketing. This often overlooked feature of the grand digital marketing scheme plays a very significant role on how your brand gets conversions.

The thing is you do not just effortlessly write whatever phrase comes first in your mind and slap it on a funky neon-colored button. Marketers who are smart enough to install a smart and powerful online marketing plan know this by heart. It’s not a surprise anymore to know that there are CTA buttons that are more clickable than the others. As a matter of fact, there is basic brain science behind the workings of CTA buttons.

So, what really makes an effective call-to-action button that will truly propel your audience to click on it and take meaningful actions towards it? Allow us to outline the basics for you.


We cannot stress enough the importance of how your CTA buttons look at first glance.

Your call-to-action buttons should be in colors and sizes that would immediately catch the attention of your audience. Ideally, CTA buttons that are rounded and big in size are more engaging. CTA buttons that are 225px wide and 45px high are typically shown to perform best.

Choose colors that are in contrast with your website design, such as a warm-colored button over a cool-toned web design. Don’t opt for colors from a same segment of the color wheel. The idea here is to make it stand out so that the viewers can see it as soon as they visit your website.

Additionally, you can also operate behind the psychology of colors. Simply put, use certain colors that promote certain feelings. Red, for example, is a very powerful and strong color as it is stimulating, aggressive, and demanding. Blue, on the other hand, typically emerge as cold, unfriendly and detached. So choose your colors wisely depending on the type of actions that you want to call for.


Don’t be too lazy and just use “CLICK HERE” or “SUBMIT”. Your CTA buttons need to be specific and concise. It needs to direct your audience to take action right away. It also has to communicate a clear value proposition so that they we will know what they are getting in return of their click. Use easy-to-digest, jargon-free texts such as “DOWNLOAD EBOOK NOW” or “GET MY FREE TRIAL NOW”. Previous studies showed that putting the word “NOW” in your call-to-action triggers more responses from the audience and thus boost conversions!

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