What is Content Marketing?


If you use a website to sell goods or services, then you need a sure fire way to attract an audience to your site. One tool that is very popular in online and digital marketing is content marketing.

The basic idea behind the concept of content marketing is to write content that will attract the audience that would be interested in the goods or services you have to offer.

The content can be about the products and services you offer, a subject that has a connection with what you offer,  and/or providing information to your audience that they will find interesting and informative.

For example, if your site sells lawn care products, then the content on the site would describe those products, but also provide information on how to use those products by educating your audience on the subject of lawn care. If your site focuses on fashion, then it should highlight the fashion products, but also give the inside scoop on what is trending in the world of fashion.

One great benefit of content marketing is that it utilizes the Internet to attract people to your site. People are always using search engines like Google to find products, services, and information. If your content includes so-called keywords that people would use in their search for information, then your site will automatically appear on lists that are generated by the search of the word or words typed into the search engine. This is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

To get your website on these lists you need to provide fresh copy on a regular basis. Search engines love fresh or new copy. Publishing a blog daily, weekly, bi-weekly or daily blog is a great way to create a fresh copy for your website. As explained above, the blog can be used to promote products and services, provide information about your trade, and be used to present your own personal story.

And it doesn’t end there. You can continue to use your blog to reach out to new customers by marketing it. You can promote your content on the social networks, and you can post your blogs on such sites as Examiner.com or Business2Community or other similar sites and include a link to your website.

In addition, you can be a guest blogger on sites that attract the people you want to pull to your website.

Moreover, your content marketing doesn’t have be just text. Videos and podcasts are other media that can be used to illustrate your site and promote it.  Videos can also be posted on sites like YouTube and interested customers can download your podcasts from sites like iTunes.

In short, content marketing can be a key that can open the door to all sorts of marketing advantages offered by the Internet.


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