Twitter’s Latest Step In Breaking Down Barriers

Every brand has a personality, whether we immediately realize it or not, there are certain human attributes that we correlate with each and every brand. When we think of Twitter there may be some difference of opinion in one aspect or another, but most of us can agree on “connection” and “right now” as some of the brand’s key attributes. Twitter is well aware of this as well, and they are continually seeking to improve upon the aspects that their users appreciate most.

With the goal of improvement in mind, Twitter has recently announced new customer support features, aimed at helping businesses maximize the functionality they can obtain from having a presence on the platform. Let’s take a look at the new features that have been added to improve businesses’ ability to use the platform to provide customer service.

DM To The Rescue

Customers can easily tweet at companies when they have an issue, which is a great way to get the conversation started, but not the best method for solving it. That’s because you don’t want the resolution process to consume your feed and there might be personal customer information that needs to be discussed. Once the conversation has been started via tweet, shifting to a DM convo is ideal. Twitter has now made the conversion to direct messages even easier by enabling companies to use a deep link in their tweets that will transition them to a private conversation with one click.

Fast-Track Feedback

Customer satisfaction surveys are nothing new, but the value they provide cannot be overlooked. Open-ended comments or statements can be helpful, but many times companies need adequate data points on key areas from a broad enough random selection in order to determine when to change what, and how. Which is why you might be offered a survey after a customer service call, or perhaps given a survey link on the bottom of your receipt. Twitter now provides companies the opportunity to offer surveys after they have resolved the customer’s issues. This streamlined process is sure to make it easier for companies to obtain valuable feedback.

Advertise Your Assistance

The latest update in a stream of efforts to improve the customer service functionality of Twitter revolves around displaying that you provide customer support via the platform. Companies can now display that they provide customer support, as well as what hours the support team is most active, and a link to initiate a support-focused direct message. It might not seem like much, but these improvements are well thought-out. Twitter’s user base will come to expect this information to be displayed if a company uses the platform for customer support, and if they don’t see it they’ll assume otherwise. Additionally, the “most active” indicator will help set reasonable expectations for response time.

Supporting Your Ability to Support

Knowing that customer care is available via Twitter provides customers the opportunity to resolve their issues on their own time. No longer must they wait on the phone for hours to get ahold of someone, they can tweet or DM instantly and carry on the conversation as they are able until the problem is fixed. By using Twitter as a customer care platform, companies are able to drastically reduce their support costs as compared to call centers. Being able to communicate with your clientele in a way that matches how they prefer to interact with their peers is highly valuable. Surely this simplified approach to issue resolution will increase interaction and create an opportunity for companies to connect with their client base even more than ever before.

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