Try These Tips to Create Better Written Content

When it comes to your written content, choosing the right words can make a world of difference. With 2 million new blog posts published every single day, you have to do something special if you want to stand out from the crowd! Let’s look at what can be done to improve written content and make it a valuable element of any internet marketing strategy.

It Starts with a Killer Headline

Never underestimate the power of a great headline! The internet is full of blog posts that are using titles chosen purely for SEO value. Sure, a keyword rich headline might please Google, but it certainly is not going to encourage people to click on it, let alone read it! Google is nothing more than an algorithm, and while it is important to satisfy the requirements for higher SERP it is also important to remember that your readers – who become your customers – are human. Start writing for people by using headlines that evoke an emotional response.

Some easy ways to improve your headlines are:

  • Include Numbers – The latest research suggests that headlines starting with a number get more shares. For example: ‘6 Ways to Attract More Traffic’;
  • Use Attractive Adjectives – Adding an interesting adjective can also make headlines more engaging. For example: ‘6 Simple Ways to Attract More Traffic’;
  • Take advantage of Call-To-Action Words – Call-to-Action words can encourage readers to take action. For example: ‘Discover 6 Simple Ways to Attract More Traffic’.

Write Longer Posts

Research suggests longer blog posts rank higher in SERPS. According to a recent study by SERPIQ, the average number of words for the top 10 Google results is 2000. The Google algorithm equates longer content with added value and will look more favorably on lengthier posts. The length of a post influences social media shares, with the number of shares increasing parallel to the word count.

Remember to stay on topic. Don’t use fillers for the sake of boosting the word count.  If you have said everything you need to, it’s okay to have a shorter post now and then. It is also important to consider the time and effort that it takes to create well researched long form blog posts. Schedule one or two longer posts a month, interspersed with more regular short blogs as part of your internet marketing strategy.

Illustrate Your Words with Engaging Graphics

Words are important, but visual appeal is also an important part of internet marketing. According to MDG Advertising, blog posts that include a relevant image get 94% more views! That is a lot of extra traffic! Spend time producing branded graphics to accompany your written content. Don’t forget to optimize your images for Pinterest too, for an even bigger traffic boost.

It’s also an excellent idea to include charts, graphs, and simple infographics wherever possible. These will create additional opportunities for reader engagement. Visual content can also help to drive a point home. The human brain processes visual information much faster than it does text.

With these easy tips, you can take your written content to the next level and improve your internet marketing strategy.

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