Truth & Transparency in Internet Marketing

The internet has become a sea of digital clutter. It is harder now than ever before to stand out and get your message heard. The key to a successful internet marketing strategy is achieving credibility with your audience. Position your brand as an industry expert and make consumers see that you have the knowledge to solve their problems. The only way to gain that credibility is through truth and transparency.

Truth and transparency is not a new concept to us at Bluedress Internet Marketing! We’ve been telling our clients for years now that they must remain true and authentic to who they are in all aspects of their internet marketing. We would never put out content or create a website that did not accurately represent the values and the goals of our client. The truth always shines through the clutter! Never compromise on what you stand for! Everything you so online needs to have value and intent. It is carefully researched, thought out, and crafted to speak your truth!

Social Media Transparency

Social media is one element of internet marketing that genuinely thrives on truth and transparency. Social platforms are increasingly focusing on this concept to provide the best user experience to consumers. A great example of this is the biannual Twitter Transparency Report, which is now in its seventh year! Twitter advocates transparency as one of the guiding principles of serving up conversations to the public. At the highest level, this manifests itself in Twitter’s proactive approach to eliminating undesirable content such as violence, terrorism, and sexual exploitation. However, on a smaller scale, Twitter is also working to eradicate platform manipulation as a form of internet marketing. Twitter is proactive in challenging accounts on the platform that exhibit spammy behavior. Overall, the result is a Twitter feed that is more truthful, more transparent, and offering more value.

Facebook is also focusing on transparency on the platform with the latest algorithm rollouts targeting clickbait, low-quality links, and fake news. Online marketers being held to a higher standard forcing marketers to rethink their strategies. It’s not about quantity – it is the quality of the content being shared that matters!

Transparency in Digital Advertising

It is not just social media platforms that are working to make internet marketing more transparent! Online advertising is also getting in on the act! Online consumers are more concerned about how advertisers are collecting and using their personal data than they have been in the past. Google recently set out their approach to advertising, explaining that they do not use fingerprinting methods with ads because it takes away some of the consumers’ control over their personal information. The Chrome browser has been updated with various features and controls to make it easier to control how data is collected. Google Ads are also offering higher levels of transparency by providing consumers with detailed information about which brands are behind ads and how they are collecting data.

What are you doing to bring truth and transparency into your digital presence?

To Your Best Online!

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