Top 12 Powerful Ways To Maximize Lead Generation And Quickly Grow An Email List

Big companies and start-ups alike should invest a good amount of resources in their Internet Marketing. It can get tedious and very tempting to take the easier route to success. Whether it’s for Social Media Sites or your email marketing, however, purchasing followers or an email list is not the way to go.

Purchasing your audience will lead you away from the consumers that genuinely care about you and your brand. You will end up spending your internet marketing efforts on an irrelevant market that may not even know anything about you and has no interest to find out.

Here’s a list of 12 ways to maximize your lead generation efforts and up your email marketing.

1.) Create Landing Pages
These are specific pages on your Websites used to convert visitors. 56% of website clicks are directed to the most relevant page, giving visitors the convenience of not having to search the whole website.

2.) Use Opt-In Offers and Forms
By offering your visitors an incentive to sign up, this can increase your chances of growing your email list. You can also use this tactic in your blog posts by offering more at the end of your post. An example would be to offer 2 bonus tips on at the end of a 3 tip blog post.

Studies show that by presenting these in an opt-in form can increase conversion rates by 200-500%

3.) Direct Traffic with a CTA
Have an attention-grabbing call to action button that can direct traffic to high converting pages and content.

4.) Use Social Proof
When new visitors see that you have a good rating from customer reviews, this encourages them to trust you. Customer reviews are said to be 12x more trusted than descriptions from businesses.

5.) Embed Interesting Web Videos
Videos on your landing pages provide you with a higher chance at increasing conversion rates by 86% because visitors stay around longer.

You can also use a video hosting service like Wistia that adds calls to action and email collectors.

6.) Know Your Site’s Traffic
Use heat maps, mouse tracking tools, and others to see which of your content provide high (and low) conversation rates. Use this data to update and up your content marketing.

7.) Offer Downloadable Files
By giving your busy viewers the option to read your posts offline and in their spare time, you can help grow your email list and up your email marketing. Use this as an incentive for them to sign up!

8.) Host A Contest
Just like in social media marketing wherein consumers must like and share certain pages to join a contest, you can use this tactic in your email marketing as well. Require your contestants to enter their email addresses!

9.) Use Exit Intent pop Up Forms
Right when your visitors opt to leave your site, give them the option to sign up. They probably won’t expect a last minute offer and think twice about leaving.

10.) Target Twitter Users
Create one-click opt-in ads, to generate new subscribers. This makes the process quicker and simpler.

11.) Address Questions on Quora
When answering relevant questions on Quora, include links to your opt-in offers. This is an email marketing strategy that can help your brand build influence and reach a wider market.

12.) Collect Offline
You can also help your online marketing and email marketing by increasing efforts offline. Train your employees to collect emails from in-store shoppers. Incentives like special discounts or coupons will also help.

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