Tips for Your 2018 Inbound Content Marketing Strategy

The current year is quickly coming to a close. Countless people are looking forward to the end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018. Any quality internet strategy consultant is already looking into different strategies for their client’s inbound content marketing. One critical factor your internet strategy consultant needs to look into before making permanent decisions to a marketing plan is analyzing the latest trends. Some trends might prove to be ideal for your company’s marketing campaign, while others might serve you better if they are avoided.

Tips and Marketing Trends

In this section, we are going to discuss some of the most popular trends in marketing. These marketing tactics may prove beneficial to your company brand or are better suited for an entirely different industry.

  • Original Content – One of the most important tips a qualified internet strategy consultant will give their clients is the importance of content. Especially important is the use of original content when creating an inbound content marketing plan. All of the content created and shared should have the client or customer in mind. When sharing original content on social media, a blog, or a podcast, the customers should be fully engaged. Customers should be able to develop trust in your marketing campaign, courtesy of all the data shared.
  • Voice Search Platforms – It is the wave of the future, and it is no longer necessary to enter information manually, questions, or search our products in a browser. Thanks to Cortana, Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant, individuals have the ability to use only their voices to find what they are after. According to research, 41% of adults and 55% of teens in the USA use a voice search option on a daily basis. Any internet strategy consultant would suggest the optimization of all content for the coming calendar year. This includes determining the standard and long-tail keywords that would mimic real-world questions. Claiming your Google My Business listing is also essential in making voice search for your business more accessible.
  • Live & Recorded Video Marketing – On social media sites, such as Facebook, the viewing of recorded videos is commonplace. Over the current year more and more companies and individuals are turning to live videos. This type of marketing tool is only being used by a meager 28% of marketers, based on the 2017 Social Media Marketing Industry Report. A well-versed internet strategy consultant would encourage the increased use of live video as part of a marketing plan. Based on data gathered, people are three times more likely to view a live video feed than its recorded counterpart. Also, live video feeds allow for the best real-time interaction with a person someone can say.

When discussing your marketing plan with an internet strategy consultant look at the best-suited tactics for getting your brand out to the masses. A combination of multiple marketing tactics that can be used across various platforms, which engages and informs the customers would be most useful.
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