The Three Types of Internet Users Who Shape Conversion Rates

When you think about ways to improve your conversion rates, your attention is likely focused on the website visitors who leave your website without making a purchase or joining your mailing list. However, if you switch up your thinking and start tailoring your internet marketing strategy to those that do convert – you will begin to see a better return on your investment! Those people who have already converted are interested in your product or brand. Why not use your energy getting to know them so that you can deliver precisely what they want. The more value you can offer them, the more you will impress them, and your conversion rate will begin to grow naturally.

Know the Different Types of Internet Users

One of the things it is important to learn early on in developing your internet marketing strategy is that 3 distinct types of internet user will visit your website.

1 -Just Browsing

There are a large number of internet users who fall into the ‘just browsing’ category. These are the people who are killing time by surfing the web. They will visit your website and maybe even spend a fair amount of time there, but they will not convert. They may have an interest in your product, but they have no intention of buying it. You did not lose these conversions – they were never up for grabs in the first place! It is because of this that you do not need to focus much of your internet marketing strategy on these users.

2 – Determined Consumers

There is a small group of internet users who are the polar opposite of the just browsing group! These are the determined consumers who had already made up their mind to make a purchase and have come to your website for that purpose! This is great for your business, but in terms of internet marketing strategy, there isn’t too much you will be able to learn from these consumers. They were already intent on purchasing so your website or the user experience did nothing to convert them! Once again, these represent conversions that were never available to you!

3 – Undecided Browsers

Last, and certainly not least – we have the undecided browsers. These are the most valuable group if you want to develop a killer internet marketing strategy. These are the people who probably fit into your target demographic. However, unlike the determined consumers, they have yet to make up their mind. They probably have an existing interest in your product, but still need that extra little push to convert to a lead or sale. These are the consumers who will back out if they experience usability issues on your website or a flaw in the design. It is useful to learn more about this group. If they did covert, what was it that swayed them in that direction? If they didn’t – what was it that put them off? Finding these answers is going to take you one step closer to improving conversion rates.

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