The 10 Rules of Social Media Marketing

In today’s business world, social media marketing is everything. Social sites have become the go-to location for entertainment, escapism, and information. In a business setting, a well-established social media presence and an effective marketing strategy are a must. Whether you’re just getting started in social media marketing or you’ve been at the game for a while, it’s important to make sure your efforts are following the right rules.Rule 1: Listen 

Social media offers users an almost unlimited ability to choose their content. This means that they are quick to filter out advertisements. So don’t talk to them, but listen, and build your social media marketing strategy around the content they want.

Rule 2: Focus 

Your social media marketing needs to be intentional and highly-focused. Don’t take a broad approach but instead make sure your content is concise, your message is clear, and your market is well defined.

Rule 3: Quality 

While gaining thousands of followers may be attractive, that doesn’t mean that it is going to bring results. Quality followers, who are there for the right reasons and engaged are more important than the silent majority.

Rule 4: Patience 

Social media marketing is not about quick results. You will have to plan, implement, and refine for some time before you see your efforts come to fruition.

Rule 5: Compounding 

Getting your content right will bring you compounded results. Provided you have a well-connected audience, your quality content will be shared across multiple platforms, bringing in plenty of newcomers. Build your content with this goal and opportunity in mind.

Rule 6: Influence 

Celebrities are salespeople. With social media marketing, you don’t have to reach the Beyonces of the world; all you need is to find the right Influencers in your market space. Their connection with their audience will do wonders to building and expose your brand.

Rule 7: Value 

Social media is an interactive landscape. If you only advertise,  then it will drive people away. Satisfying your follower’s interests needs to be your primary goal. Remember, it’s about them, not you.

Rule 8: Acknowledgement 

When you are engaged in social media marketing, your audience has access to you 24/7. That means you need to be committed to interaction. If a salesperson ignored you in a store, you would go somewhere else; the response is identical with social media.

Rule 9: Accessibility 

Just creating and sharing content won’t bring you the results you want. To build a following, you need to be accessible to your audience and remain engaged in the conversation surrounding your business.

Rule 10: Reciprocity 

Social media collaboration can be your best ally. Finding individuals, other businesses, Influencers, and organizations that you can partner with and share each other’s content is a valuable feature of social media. Don’t be afraid to talk about and share other people’s work; it will go a long way toward building your credibility and creating awareness.

Rules to Live By 

As social media platforms continue to develop, change, and create new features, more and more opportunities for marketers will become available. Regardless of what ad product you are using, or what new features you are introducing, these rules will always guide you in the right direction. The key takeaway in social media marketing is that your audience has more access to you than ever before, and they have more access to your competition as well. Put your follower’s interests first, and stay engaged.

To Your Best Online!

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