Taking Advantage of the New LinkedIn Campaign Manager

Following the recent upgrades to the LinkedIn Campaign Manager, now is the perfect time to optimize your LinkedIn campaign! The new campaign manager is more streamlined making objective-based ads easier to work with on the platform. Paid advertising is an integral part of any successful online marketing plan so it makes sense to take full advantage of the tools available to you.

Objective-Based LinkedIn Ads

The starting point for LinkedIn ads created using the new campaign manager is defining the right goals and objectives for your online marketing. There are currently four different campaign objectives to choose from depending on the action you want people to perform on seeing the ad. These include:

  • Website Visits – Drive traffic to your website as part of your online marketing with text ads, sponsored posts and dynamic ads.
  • Engagement – Increase followers and comments on your content.
  • Video Views – Video marketing is an essential part of online marketingtoday, so this option is perfect for encouraging more views.
  • Lead Generation – Capture quality leads by prefilling lead generation forms pre-filled with LinkedIn profile information!
  • As the campaign manager is currently in the Beta phase, the 3 additional campaign objectives are not yet available, but these are expected in mid-2019 and will include:
  • Brand Awareness – Boost your ad impressions to promote your brand.
  • Website Conversions – Ideal for prompting downloads or sign-ups on your website.
  • Job Applicants – Drive clicks to LinkedIn job posts.

Targeting Your LinkedIn Ads

It is not enough to simply decide on an objective for your ads, you also need to decide on a target audience. In the audiences tab, you will be able to choose language and location. You can also choose certain audience attributes from various categories including Company, Demographics, Education, Experience, and Interests. The selections you choose will depend on your ideal audience. This is something you should already have discovered when putting together your online marketing plan. What does your perfect customer look like?

The changes you make to the targeting of your ad will adjust the projected reach of the ad. If you want a broader reach don’t drill too deeply into the demographics, instead opting for more general categories within your niche!

Building Your Ads

Once your objectives and target audiences have been determined it is time to build your ads. You can choose from a wide range of styles including text ads, photo ads, carousel ads, video ads, dynamic ads and more! Take time to explore these in full and decide which is the best fit for your online marketing plan. You will also need to come up with engaging copy and visuals to make sure it really stands out! You may want to try various styles for A/B testing until you find the most appropriate style to get the maximum results.

To Your Best Online!

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