Stay One Step Ahead by Scheduling Social Media Content

Any internet strategy consultant will tell you social media is an important part of your marketing plan. It is something that is no longer a luxury but a necessity and needs to be a priority in your business.

It is not enough to just have a social media “presence”. You also need to engage with your audience. Sometimes, businesses can be easily overwhelmed when it comes to organizing, managing and publishing social media content, this can be solved by having a well-thought out social media strategy.

One of the best ways to stay on top of this is to schedule your social media content efficiently. Learning this can have a positive impact on your business It not only saves you time and money but helps with organization. However, it is not as simple as just automating posts. You may find it helpful to work with an internet strategy consultant to develop your plan.

The Benefits of Scheduling Social Media Content

Many advantages come with scheduling your social media content. One benefit is the ability to reach your audience 24/7 in any time zone, in any area around the world. If you have a global audience, publish your postings to hit during their peak engagement hours. Scheduling ahead of time allows you to capture more engagement and be more prepared for your real-time updates. An excellent example of this is a sale that starts or ends at midnight. Instead of staying awake to post about it, you can schedule it ahead of time.

Try these auto posters for creating an easier, more engaging online:

An internet strategy consultant knows mapping out your content is an important part of your online marketing strategy. Content mapping not only allows you to be more strategic with your posts but once you have your content planned it frees up your time for other tasks. Mapping social media content also helps ensure you are not making too many promotional posts. Overly promotional content is one of the main reasons why people unfollow businesses.

Helpful Scheduling Tips

So, now you know social media is important and that scheduling your posts is a good idea, now what? Your internet strategy consultant will give you lots of advice, but here are a few helpful tips for scheduling your social media content.

  • Create your content in advance
  • A content calendar can be very useful
  • Add ideas to your calendar often (as trends change and industry news relevant to your target market happens)
  • Find the best social media auto-publishing tool for you
  • Block off one day a week (even if it’s just part of a day) and populate your auto-publishing tool with GREAT CONTENT!

Quick Tip!  The optimal number of post for each platform is different. Facebook and Instagram should have just one or two posts per day, but  Twitter can have far more, around 15 tweets each day.

To Your Best Online!

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