Six Ways To Prepare Your E-commerce Company for the Holidays

It is beyond doubt that online shopping is a norm when acquiring new things, be it product or service – what more during the holidays? Because of its convenience, consumers take to the internet to browse and select items from wherever they are, whenever they want to. This is precisely why Online Marketing and a strongonline presence is a must to most, if not all, brands. This applies most especially to those that make use of an E-commerce platform.

E-commerce, which means Electronic Commerce, is basically the trading in products or services using the internet. Last year, online retailers took home more than $101 billion over the holidays and those numbers are expected to only get higher this time around.

So how do you make sure your company is ready for it? Here are 6 tips:

1. Be mobile-friendly
One of the main factors for the rapid growth in online shopping is due to the fact that it is accessible anywhere, anytime. Make sure your sites are responsive on all devices to better cater to your consumers, especially those always on the go!

2. Anticipate traffic
Especially if you’re not used to the ecommerce world during the holidays, or if you’ve recently spiked up in popularity, double check if your back end is ready for the attention.

Traffic to your website is expected to multiply during this season and you wouldn’t want to lose customers because your site crashed or takes too long to load, would you?

3. Don’t wait
We’re nearly a month away from the holidays, we’re pretty sure it’s socially acceptable to bust out those holiday-themed campaigns by now. Just because your market has been purchasing at the last minute in the past doesn’t mean they aren’t already scouting for gifts. Start providing them with options early on so they’ll come back to you when they’re ready to make a purchase.

4. Plan your pricing
Since your consumers tend to get busy over the holidays and probably overwhelmed with the long list of gifts to shop for, be sure you’re as convenient and user-friendly as possible. Don’t leave your holiday promotions, sales, and the like to the last minute, plan now and have a smooth campaign throughout the season.

5. Set up shipping options
As the holidays draw near, everyone starts to rush more. Be sure you’re ready with all your shipping needs and anticipate shortage of supplies.

The shipping options you offer could make or break your sale so be sure to keep them enticing! Shoppers are always looking for good deals, especially if they’re in bundles. Helping them save some money will earn you a sale.

6. Build a relationship
Holidays can be crucial and consumers tend to stress out from time to time. Being there for them when in this state can help you build trust and loyalty. Provide excellent service and do a quick follow up afterwards to really impress them. They’ll most likely come back to you once you build a relationship.

To Your Best Online!

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