SEO Tactics It Is Time to Let Go!

Search Engine Optimization is a fluid concept. What worked a few years, or even a few months ago may no longer be worth pursuing. Because of this, your internet marketing strategy is continually evolving. However, it seems to be that there are a few SEO tactics that marketers everywhere are struggling to let go of!

Here are the top 3 SEO tactics that should no longer have a place in your internet marketing strategy.

1 – Multiple Local Landing Pages

Back in the day, if a business had to rank for multiple locations, their internet marketing strategy would likely have involved setting up various landing pages with duplicate content, but each one stuffed with a local keyword to help rank for that particular city or region. However, this practice is no longer effective. It ads very little to the user experience and as you continue to rewrite the same page over and over again, the risk of duplicate content increases.

2 – Obsessing Over Every Keyword

If you use one of the many available SEO tracking tools on the market, you will note that it probably has the ability to track near unlimited numbers of keywords. Some marketers fall into the trap of monitoring every single keyword possible and trying to rank for them all. However, it is a far better idea for your internet marketing strategy to focus on just a handful of keywords. There is no harm in tracking around 25 keywords, but pick out 5 or 6 to focus most of your attention on.

3 – Guest Posting

If you have been marketing online for a while now, you will probably remember when everyone was obsessed with guest posting opportunities! Even now many seem reluctant to oust them from their internet marketing strategy. Guest posting first began to die off when Google implemented harsh new penalties for potentially spammy backlinks and paid links. It is best to avoid guest posting networks in particular as this is a direct route to being penalized for link spam since posts share the same IP.

However, that is not to say that guest posting doesn’t have its place in a well-crafted internet marketing strategy. If you choose carefully and submit guest posts to relevant, useful quality websites, it can help you to build credibility as an expert in your industry.

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