Want to know Blue Dress®’s take on powerful content marketing? Here is a juicy internet marketing “how-to” straight from your friendly internet strategy consultant.

Content marketing is proven to be a tricky online marketing strategy that can either make or break a brand’s saturated internet presence. Creating a perfectly flavored content both useful and engaging is undoubtedly a powerful way to increase brand awareness and expand the reach of your audienceIt is however disappointing how some brands fail to acknowledge this one important fact, thus leading to consumers habitually ignoring their content. If you feel you are not cultivating and creating profitable relationships with your audience, then stop and rethink your content marketing strategy.

1. Good Knowledge about Your Audience

Now, ask yourself this question: what is valuable content for your consumers? No wonder it is called “VALUABLE” content because it needs to have some sort of “value” to the audience. How do you know if it has value for the consumers? Simple: You need to know what they need. If you provide content that gives them solutions to their needs, then they would surely want to read your content. At the start of your content marketing plan, it is important to have a clear perspective as to who your target audience will be. Do you want to reach out to elderly women or adventurous adults in their late 20’s? Drawing out a clear line in terms of your audience’s demographic profile can help you provide effective content.

2. A Self-Absorbed Brand

Overly-promotional content, more often than not, raises a red flag to the audience that your brand is too selfish to even care about what they need. Selling your brand is a part of the business strategy, but constantly blabbering about it might give an impression to people that you are shoving your products and services down their throat. Tossing in some sense of objectivity to your content comes out friendlier compared to self-promotional messages. Presenting an unbiased perspective in the picture by using objective research and excerpts from respected authorities that address the audience’s needs will lead you to a smooth path towards successful content marketing.

3. Well Thought-Out Headlines

Here’s a scenario: you spent long hours of crafting a great, valuable content and then tossed in a less thought-out, quick title. Do you think a lot of people all over the web would be enticed to click on a link with a crappy headline? I don’t think so. Creating a catchy, effective headline is as important as writing quality content. Consequently, this will make your content stand out amidst all the clutter on the internet. A powerful, attention-grabbing headline paired with a killer, valuable content is certainly your key towards competitively getting your content to rise above the rest!


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