Missing Out On 99% of Your Website Traffic?

Most of the time when people first visit a website they are likely to just browse through and exit without making a purchase. Think about the time when you first visited a website and made a purchase instantly! That  typically happens when you are a regular buyer or if that brand was your holy grail. Otherwise, 99% of people who visit a website for the first time do not make a purchase.

Are brands really focused towards those 99%? Surely not! They are more focused towards that 1% who is going to end up buying their product.

In order to keep those other 99% of your potential buyers engaged and make them eventually buy your product you need to create conversion methods before they check out.

What do you mean by conversion before the checkout & why is it so crucial?

Any conversion on your #website which is prior to the purchase creates a fruitful exchange of information for both you and your #PotentialCustomer. You provide something of value to the probable #customer, such as a discount or content. And in return, receive contact information or preferences allowing you to nurture soon-to-be customers into a sale.

So what are e-commerce companies doing today to create conversions before the checkout?

They are Relying On 3 Specific Conversion Opportunities:

  1. Sign up to receive our newsletter
  2. Subscribe to our blog
  3. Add to cart

But these 3 opportunities aren’t enough so what else can you do?

1.  You can create “how it works” content

Highlighting different products or services based on visitors’ preferences. For example…If you have a subscription service, you can indicate and or ask preferences of your #customers as to what their subscription boxes might look like based on their choices. This allows you to gather key information about your visitors and deliver more tailored content.

2. You can provide a buying guide

This helps provide potential customers with more evidence on larger or more complex products. In return, capturing information of your potential customers and making you the authority on the subject matter. There are so many different pre-sale conversion opportunities, what will you come up with?

3. Now that you have some ideas, you need to execute this pre- sale conversion strategy.

Well, how will you do that? You need to create a conversion path

  • Call to action landing page form
  • Thank you page

Once you’ve implemented this strategy of conversion path and received their information, what will be your next step? You will want to follow up, allowing you to nurture them into a sale.

There are many ways to do so, but here are some important points to consider: 

  • Segment your database
  • Don’t send the same email to everyone on your list.
  • One size fit all doesn’t work here
  • Consider making sectors based on what people have stated interest in. People will be more likely to engage with this relevant content. And move further along in the sales process


Most first time visitors are not ready to buy. In order to keep them engaged on your #Website and turn them into potential buyers you need to create certain conversion methods that will help them make a purchase. You will have to provide them with valuable content in exchange for their information and liking. You can further use these choices for nurturing them into a sale. Focus on the 99% who are not ready to buy.

To Your Best Online!

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