Marketers’ Stress Report

Building up your brand’s Internet Presence is far from quick and easy. It takes a lot of time, persistence, and skill to achieve.  According to a recent report by Online Marketing software, Workfront, marketers are now stressing out in dangerous levels.

Here’s a look at the numbers and causes:

How Stressed Are Marketers?
1 out of 4 marketers say they are “overly stressed”. They comprise 13% of the sample group.
Followed by 12% saying they are “stressed to the max” and the majority claiming to be “somewhat stressed”

What Makes Marketers Dread Their Job Most?
Apart from unproductive meetings, waiting on approvals, and doing damage control, here are the top three things the group said they dread the most.

55% claim it’s having to prove their value to people who don’t understand their industry.
51% say there’s just too much work to be done! Juggling all their deadlines in a 40-hour work week raises their stress level.
42% say that third on their top three stress-causers are people who think they have great marketing ideas – but don’t.

What’s Causing Their Stress?
As mentioned, a little more than half claim that they have too much work on their hands. It’s no surprise that 80% say they feel overloaded and understaffed.

Which Marketing Teams Are The Most Stressed?
Although not an easy job, the marketers of communications and PR departments were voted least stressed at 14% and leaders voted the highest at 30%. Following their leader’s footsteps, the 29% of the marketers at the creative department report having high stress levels.

Which Marketers Most Regret Their Career Path?
Creative service team members showed the most regret at 28%, events and operations next at 17%, and marketers in digital marketing fall rank in at 13%. See only 13% of digital marketers regret their career path – and I, my friend, would be one that does NOT regret it one bit. I love love love this beautiful online world.

Overall, 84% of marketers say they don’t regret choosing the industry.

How about you, what stresses you out the most? Any regrets?


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