Making Video Marketing More Searchable

The internet is a sea of information, and Google Search is an essential tool in navigating it. Whether they are looking for visual, text-based, or even audio information, Google Search is the first port of call for most internet users. It can also help to find relevant images. However, up until now, there has been one gap in the search capability – searching within a piece of video marketing content. Unlike text, video content is not skimmable, so it can be easy for search results to overlook video marketing. However, all that is about to change!

Google has been working to make all types of content and information more accessible to users. One of the areas that have been developed is creating new wats to understand and organize video marketing content within Google Search to make it more useful to users when they are seeking information on a specific topic.

Finding Key Moments in Video Marketing Content

It is not possible for users to find specific moments within video content, helping them to get the information they need much more quickly, although it does take a little help from the creators of the video marketing content! Let’s look at an example of how the new key moments search feature will work. Imagine someone searches for a how-to video with multiple steps, a documentary, or even a lengthy keynote speech. Search will now provide links directly to key moments within that video marketing content based on timestamps provided by the creator. This is going to make it much easier to scan video marketing content and decide if it has the information the user is looking for and help them to find that relevant section easily. As an added bonus, this new feature is also going to make video content more accessible to people who use screen readers in a similar way that image alt tags work to describe images.

The new key moments feature has already been rolled out, and links to moments will appear in Google Search in English for any youtube videos where the creator has provided timestamp information in the video description. Content creators will soon have access to mark up their video content more efficiently to make it searchable, so there should soon be an increase in videos using key moment searches. It is also expected that this will roll out to major video publishers across the globe, including CBS, CNN, and NDTV, as they are beginning to add the appropriate mark up to their own video content too!

What Does This Mean for Video Marketing?

If you are creating video content for your brand, then it is essential to be aware of this new feature as it will help to make videos more searchable, more accessible, and, therefore, more appealing to your audience. It is especially important if you are creating longer videos or videos covering several topics. Consider adding the correct timestamp information to allow Google Search to highlight and link to key moments in Search results.

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