LinkedIn Launches New LinkedIn Video Feature

LinkedIn is becoming an increasingly important aspect of creating a flawless saturated internet presence. Every single day, LinkedIn users are discussing their careers, and for many of them, it is a way to move forward in their industry by making new connections and finding new opportunities. Now LinkedIn is making it even easier for members to share their experiences and perspectives with others via their new feature – LinkedIn Video.

Testing of the new feature has been going on for the past month, and some of the first video content has proven to be very popular. It has been used in a variety of different ways to help users to boost their flawless saturated internet presence. So far, users have been sharing their current projects, offering a glimpse behind the scenes and demonstrating products. There are many other ways that LinkedIn Video can be put to use. Small businesses, in particular, are going to find they can make a bigger impact with messages by including video content.

How to Start Using LinkedIn Video

LinkedIn Video will be rolling out to users across the globe over the next few weeks. Once it is available, you will probably want to jump right in and start using the new feature to boost your flawless saturated internet presence. Doing so is really easy:

  • Go to the LinkedIn mobile app
  • Depending on your OS look for the ‘share’ box (iOS) or the ‘post’ button (Android)
  • Tap on the Video icon
  • Now you can record a video or upload one filmed in advance

Discover Who is Watching

Once a video is posted, it is only natural to want to see how it has impacted your flawless saturated internet presence. All of the information is found under audience insights in the LinkedIn Dashboard area which is available for both mobile and desktop versions. As well as being able to monitor how many views, likes, and comments each video brings in, it is also possible to see the companies, job titles, and locations of those who are watching. These insights can be incredibly valuable and will help shape future video content, so it appeals to the people and companies that matter most to your flawless saturated internet presence.

Why Use LinkedIn Video?

It is no secret video content is one of the most engaging methods of communication around. During the beta launch of LinkedIn Video, it became apparent videos were being shared 20 times more than any other type of content on the platform. Video is by far the preferred communication medium on social media. Snapchat, Facebook, and YouTube have a combined 22 billion daily video views! The internet’s love affair with video is only set to grow stronger, so if you want to build a truly flawless saturated internet presence, then video is going to be an essential part of the process. For LinkedIn, which is widely regarded as the social media of the world of work, adding video capability is only going to make it a more powerful networking tool.
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