Is It Time to Switch to Vertical Video?

As you should already be aware, video marketing and in particular social video are a huge part of creating a powerful online marketing plan. One way in which an increasing number of brands are maximizing the engagement that often comes with video marketing is by switching to a vertical video format.

Let’s take a closer look at vertical video and how it can contribute to your powerful online marketing plan.

Why Go Vertical?

In recent years, apps like Snapchat and Instagram Stories have had a considerable impact on how audiences engage with social video. There are now approximately 300 million active daily users of Instagram Stories and 173 million active daily users on Snapchat. Those are some pretty big numbers and if you consider Facebook’s 1.74 billion active monthly mobile users – even though not all are video viewers – then it is not difficult to see why catering to the mobile audience is a crucial element in every powerful online marketing plan.

But why vertical video? The answer is straightforward – when we use a mobile device, we will naturally hold it in a vertical position. Doesn’t it make sense to create social video content in that format to make it more convenient for mobile browsers? According to AdWeek, vertical video will drive as much as nine times the amount of engagement that a horizontal one will among your mobile audience.

3 Ways to Utilize Vertical Video Content

It can be a tough habit to break if you are used to filming in a horizontal format, and there is still a market for this format on YouTube or your main website. However, you should try to embrace vertical video for those platforms that prefer it – like Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram! Making the change will do wonders for a powerful online marketing plan. Let’s take a look at 3 ways to put vertical video to good use.

1 – Upload Vertical Videos to Facebook

Every marketer knows it is becoming increasingly difficult to achieve organic reach on Facebook. However, video content is favored by the platform and still gets plenty of engagement, especially in the vertical format. When vertical videos are uploaded to Facebook, they default to a 2:3 aspect ratio, and with a single tap, it will fill the viewer’s entire screen giving them a smooth user experience.

The key points to remember about vertical video on Facebook are:

  • Vertical videos display at 2:3 aspect ratio and fill the screen with one tap.
  • Vertical videos will auto-play, so include captions for those who have the sound turned off.
  • If users scroll on while watching, the video will open in a picture-in-picture format to allow the viewer to continue watching as they scroll.

2 – Create Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are a great tool to add to a powerful online marketing plan. Create stories using a mix of still images and video clips of up to 15 seconds. Instagram Stories are best suited to a raw behind the scenes style of video content, which is excellent for giving your brand some authenticity. Some great ideas for Instagram stories include:

  • Making an Announcement
  • Running a Poll
  • Spotlight a Member of the Team
  • Promote a New Blog Post
  • Give a Look Behind the Scenes

3 – Create Vertical Video Ads

Another great way to include vertical video in a powerful online marketing plan is to use it in your ads. Facebook and Instagram both support vertical video in their ads, which can be great for promoting your brand to a mobile audience. Vertical ads also take up more space on the feed, giving you a better chance of being noticed!
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