Internet Safety & Media Literacy for Kids

One of the greatest things about technology is the way it is enhancing the lives of our children both in and out of the classroom. As we get ready for school to start for the new term, educators everywhere are planning new ways to help kids learn with the help of the internet. However, while the internet is bringing new opportunities and a wealth of information to the younger generations, it also comes with many challenges. It falls on parents and educators alike to make sure that kids are using the internet responsibly and safely. Not only do they need to learn how to communicate properly online, but they are also required to learn how to spot real content amid potentially harmful fakes. In addition to this, with the increase of cyber-bullying, another element of internet safety is educating children on how to be kind to one another and what to do if someone is hurtful.

The good news is that a new program of media literacy lessons has been developed for Be Internet Awesome. The program is a simple and fun way for children to learn more about internet safety. The existing lessons surrounding internet safety and online citizenship are now supplemented by tools designed to help children evaluate the content they see online. This will help to equip youngsters with the skills they need to explore the internet safely and confidently!

Teaching Kids to Make Smart Decisions About Internet Safety

Be Internet Awesome aims to give kids easy to follow instructions that will aid their decision-making process while using the internet. We live so much of our lives online that it is only natural that kids will do the same. This makes internet safety just as important as mathematics, science, or literacy when it comes to their education! It is important to educate the next generation about identifying credible sources when researching a topic and to show them how words and images can have tremendous power. Of course, the program is no replacement for parental supervision, but it does give an easily accessible way to start discussing internet safety and other online survival skills with children.

The Be Internet Awesome resources have been made available to teachers completely free of charge and can also be accessed at home by families looking to build on internet safety and media literacy lessons. In addition to the English and Spanish versions, the lessons have also been translated into eight other languages in order to reach as many children as possible.

The online world is becoming an increasingly important part of our lives, and internet users of all ages must feel educated and empowered on the best ways to access digital resources safely and responsibly.

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