Helpful Tips for Running a Social Media Giveaway

Anyone who has a social media account is aware of the plethora of giveaways that pop up on an almost daily basis. With so many giveaways making their way onto Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, it is important to know how to run one without breaking the rules. If you have a business and want to draw in more potential clients, or if you want to reward current customers, a giveaway is a great option to boost your online marketing. Before you start posting pictures and entry forms, take a few minutes to figure the Do’s and Don’ts of giveaways on social media.


  • Establish the goal of the giveaway – Determine if you want to increase visibility, gain more followers or reach, to name a few. Once you have determined what the main goal of your giveaway will be, that can help you determine what your Call to Action (CTA) will be for your posts. Knowing your purpose is essential to any online marketing plan.
  • Focus the giveaway around your followers – Paying attention to what your fans are saying is crucial. Through the use of social listening, you can help plot the direction of your giveaway. An internet strategy consult might be of assistance in analyzing the needs of your followers and help pinpoint the perfect online marketing plan.
  • Make Use of Hashtags – Hashtags might seem overused, but they are a great tool for internet marketing. Utilizing the correct hashtags helps track what people are saying about your giveaway, business, services, and products. Be sure to use unique hashtags to prevent your giveaway from getting confused for another one running simultaneously.


  • Don’t make assumptions – Never assume that just because you are giving something away for free people are going to participate. Many people do not like to post things to their private social media accounts because they don’t want to fill up their feed with additional business promotions. An internet strategy consultant may assist you in selecting images and phrasing that your followers will not mind sharing with their close family and friends.
  • Don’t Forget Your Goal – It is important to have the right wording and images if you want to create a powerful online marketing plan for your giveaway. Furthermore, do not focus your attentions solely on the giveaway itself. You need to remember what your goal is for the giveaway and that may require using internet optimization in your posts.
  • Don’t Fail to Research Hashtags – Hashtags can be a tremendously useful tool for tracking your followers and what they are saying about you. With that being said even with the best online marketing plan, if you have the wrong hashtags or those used by others, your giveaway may fail miserable. Take the time to make a list of potential hashtags and then determine which work best for your giveaway, exclusively.

By creating a clear goal and paying close attention to all aspects of your marketing campaign, it is possible to have a giveaway that leaves your followers happy and your business successful.
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