Have You Optimized Your Blog for Pinterest Shares?

Pinterest is one social media platform that some internet marketers are not using to its full potential. Even if you are not actively pinning your blog posts, you could be taking advantage of additional traffic by making them more ‘pinnable’ for other Pinterest users. Adding Pinterest-friendly images is an excellent way to take a powerful internet marketing plan to the next level in just a few easy steps.

3 Easy Ways to Optimize Blogs for Pinterest

Optimizing your blog to make it more appealing for Pinterest is pretty easy once you are aware of some clever little tricks that don’t take up much time. Here are three easy ways you can optimize your blog posts for Pinterest:

  1. Include Pinterest-Friendly Images in Posts – Every single page of a business website should be considered a marketing opportunity. Every blog post is part of a powerful online marketing plan that will help elevate your business to the next level. This is why it’s important to include at least one image in every post, to make it attractive to Pinterest users. Ideally, images should have portrait orientation with a 2:3 aspect ratio to be perfect for Pinterest. It should be visually appealing to encourage more pins. Square images can also work, but the portrait style is preferred.
  2. Optimize Title Images for Pinterest – Many people prefer not to pin just a generic image which has not context. Overcome this by including a title image in your posts. Choose a visually appealing image and add a text overlay. Title images could be the portrait oriented image we discussed above or an additional landscape image that looks great when sharing posts on other Social Networks, like Facebook or Twitter. Kill two birds with one stone and include both for a truly powerful online marketing plan.
  3. Use Infographics – There are plenty of great online tools for creating infographics, including CanvaPiktochart, and Easel.ly. Traditionally, infographics are pretty long, but you can create shorter, Pinterest-friendly ones, by focusing on just one or two important take-outs from the post. More Concise infographics will serve as a pinnable image and add visual interest making them a great tool in any powerful online marketing plan.

Key Action Points to Remember

In summary, you can kick your powerful online marketing plan up a gear and optimize your blog for Pinterest shares by taking the following actions:

  • Take time to revisit your old posts and make sure they have at least one shareable image suitable for Pinterest.
  • Always add a title image that is engaging and offers some context, allowing users to see if it is something they want to click on and read.
  • Use short infographics to create visual content and provide a Pinterest friendly image. Consider returning to popular past posts and adding an infographic for an additional boost!

In conclusion, with a little time and effort – and some smart visuals – you can easily optimize your blog for Pinterest and start taking advantage of another source of potential traffic. If you are not already utilizing Pinterest as part of a powerful online marketing plan – you should be!

To Your Best Online!

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