Google Strive to Make VR Accessible to All

Virtual reality (VR) is the next big thing to enhance user experience on the internet. It allows internet users unprecedented access to locations all over the world – without ever having to leave the comfort of their home! VR could prove to be an incredible addition to your internet marketing strategy and will elevate your flawless saturated internet presence to the next level.

Creating a Fully Immersive Experience with Daydream VR

With the help of Google Chrome, users can enjoy a fully immersive experience by using Daydream View with any Daydream compatible phone. There are several models of Daydream ready cell phones on the market including:

  • Google Pixel
  • Motorola Moto Z
  • Huawei Mate 9 Pro
  • ZTE Axon 7
  • Samsung Galaxy S8 (coming soon)
  • ASUS ZenFone AR (coming soon)

Compatible phones can be clipped into the Daydream View headset to get the best VR experience from available content. However, it is still possible to enjoy VR content on a desktop or incompatible phone by using a finger or mouse to interact with the video.

Available VR Content

Virtual reality is still in its infancy online, but there are already several websites sharing some interesting content, and more is becoming available every day. As the amount of VR content on the internet grows, Google has pledged to increase support for additional headsets and devices including Google Cardboard with the hope of making VR accessible to everybody. Some of the sites already making use of VR content include the following:

  • Bear 77 offers visually stunning interactive documentary that blurs the lines between humans, nature, and technology
  • Matterport has a library of more than 300,000 VR tours of museums, canyons, celebrity homes and other famous buildings from all over the world
  • Sketchfab is a virtual reality showcase with user submitted content of all manner of VR scenes
  • WebVR Lab is an interactive environment where users can play around with various elements of the lab while exploring the virtual space
  •  Within takes entertainment to the next level with a selection of award-winning VR short films including documentaries and works of fiction

Incorporating VR Into Your Saturated Internet Presence

Using VR content in your internet marketing could help to build engagement. According to research from Greenlight Insights, 62% of consumers feel more engaged with a brand following a VR experience. Meanwhile, 71% of internet users say that seeing a brand using virtual reality within their saturated internet presence shows that they are forward thinking.

VR is something very new, but it is never too early to start thinking about how to incorporate it into internet marketing. However, it is important to research the format fully before jumping in with both feet! Creating a full VR video is likely to cost around three times what it costs to make a standard video, so it needs to be carefully thought out. One of the key things to consider is that any VR experience you create needs to work in tandem with a Facebook 360 or YouTube 360 campaign. Otherwise, the reach of your VR content will be limited.

There is no doubt that virtual activity will play a huge role in internet marketing in the future, so it is prudent to get a head start and at least do some research so when the time comes you are prepared to take full advantage of this new and exciting type of content.

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