Getting More Facebook Reviews Without Asking

If you are a location-based business, getting good reviews from customers can give your business an incredible boost. Word of mouth is a powerful part of online marketing. In fact, even non-location based businesses can benefit from positive reviews. In the past, review sites like Yelp were the most well-known place for reviews, but these days it is all about social media marketing, and it is Facebook reviews that matter!

Let’s explore how you can encourage your customers to leave positive Facebook reviews for your products and services without having to resort to asking for them!

Make Use of Facebook Check-Ins

Everyone has seen and likely used, the check-in feature on Facebook. Users can use the geo-tagging feature to check themselves into a location and Facebook will then share that location with their friends. So, how does this help you with online marketing? A little-known fact about this feature is that when users check into a location, within a day or two, they will receive a notification asking them to share their experiences of the place they have visited! Why not start asking customers if they have checked in via Facebook? You could even offer them a small incentive to do so. Facebook will take care of the rest! If you make their experience fantastic, they will be only too happy to write a rave review when prompted!

How to Encourage More Customer Check-Ins

People are only going to check-in at places they love. That means your loyal customers will probably check-in without much prompting. However, it certainly does not do your online marketing plan any harm to give them a gentle reminder every so often!  As mentioned above, some businesses offer a small incentive to customers. Some examples of this are:

  • Giving the WiFi Password in Exchange for a Facebook Check-in
  • Offering a Small Discount or Voucher
  • Upgrading a Purchase – such as a Large Coffee in Place of a Regular

If taking advantage of the Facebook Check-In feature does not produce the desired results, don’t feel too disheartened. Even if they do not garner more reviews, check-ins will still get your business name out there in front of your customers’ friends. Free advertising is a great thing for any online marketing plan!

Asking For Recommendations & Reviews

If you decide that it is better for your online marketing plan `just to go ahead and ask for reviews and recommendations, then there are many ways that you can go about it. Check out these helpful tips:

  • Send Out Email Requests – If email marketing is already part of your online marketing strategy then why not include a reminder to leave a review alongside a link to the company Facebook page.
  • Display Signs at Your Place of Business – Businesses who have a physical location can post a reminder encouraging reviews and check-ins.
  • Make it Clear Customers Have a Choice – Choose the wording of review request carefully to make sure it is clear that the clients have a choice.
  • Never Offer Incentives For Reviews – While you can provide an incentive to check-in, offering something in exchange for a Facebook review may breach the social network’s terms of use.

To Your Best Online!

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