Getting More Engagement on Facebook Videos

Did you know that around 8 billion videos are watched via Facebook every single day? Video content is becoming an increasingly important part of your saturated internet presence. It plays a huge role in social media marketing, and Facebook is weighing their algorithm in favor of video. Studies indicate video posts can double your organic reach.  So, if you want to get ahead with building your online internet presence, Facebook Videos are the way to go.

With that in mind – check out these tips for getting more engagement on Facebook Videos:

Consider Creating Square Videos

Research shows that square videos outperform traditional landscape videos in terms of engagement, views, and reach – especially on mobile devices. With around 92% of Facebook users visiting the site using a mobile device, it makes perfect sense that your saturated internet presence should take them into consideration. Square videos will fill around 78% more space on a user’s timeline, making them clearer while also pushing out any distractions from other posts. Engagement increases by more than 80% on square format videos, while views increase up to 35%.

The First 3 Seconds Matter

Videos on Facebook auto play as users scroll by them on their timeline. That means you need to captivate your audience straight away to encourage them to stick around and keep watching. The first 3 seconds are the most important. You will want to grab attention even if the viewer has their sound turned down. Here are some things to think about:

  • Create Awesome Thumbnails: Create an eye-catching custom thumbnail that will pique people’s interest as they scroll past.
  • Create a Teaser Post: Choose a compelling title for your video and make a short teaser post/status to go with the video to encourage people to watch.
  • Start Immediately: Your very first frame needs to grab viewers’ attention. Don’t waste time on a ledge, just get started from the outset.

Don’t Forget to Add Captions

Facebook users are watching around 85% of videos without sound. This means if you want to make video content a big part of your online marketing presence, then you are going to have to add captions to your video. If a viewer is unable to understand your video without sound, then they are not going to bother watching it. The easiest way to make sure that doesn’t happen is to add captions to your videos. At present, you must upload subtitles manually, but an auto-caption feature is being gradually rolled out on Facebook very soon.

Upload to Facebook

It is better for your internet presence if you upload your video content directly onto Facebook rather than sharing them via YouTube or similar. Statistics show that interaction increases by almost 110% when videos are uploaded natively to Facebook.

Use Descriptive Titles

As we touched on above, a title can help capture attention as someone is scrolling past your video. Using a descriptive title is also going to make your videos searchable. There are around 2 billion Facebook searches carried out every day, so optimizing your videos for search is well worth it to give your internet presence a boost.

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