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Video marketing is one of the best ways to secure engagement, but many brands are finding it difficult to get their video content noticed. One of the most common reasons for this is using a YouTube channel that has not been adequately optimized. When a channel is set up correctly and fully optimized, the YouTube algorithm will help to boost visibility and make sure videos are showing up in the suggested videos section.

Let’s take a look at some of the steps required to optimize a YouTube channel, bringing your video marketing efforts to a whole new level.

Design an Attractive Channel Home Page

When somebody visits your YouTube channel, the first thing they see is the home page. First impressions matter, so an essential part of video marketing is taking the time to build a professional channel home page that demonstrates what the channel is about. The homepage is made up of several different parts:

  • Profile Picture – The profile picture is more or less the channel’s icon. It is not only displayed on the home page of the channel but also next to every video and every comment. It needs to be recognizable and memorable. The profile picture is almost like an advert for your brand. Choose a simple, clean image. It is relatively small, so overly detailed images do not work. Choosing a face is recommended because the brain picks out faces faster than logos!
  • Channel Art – The header image at the top of the home page is called the channel art. It should show the personality of the brand, but can also be a great place to advertise your upload schedule if you intend to include regularly scheduled content like a weekly web show in your video marketing plan.
  • Choose a Channel Trailer – Channel trailers are videos which automatically play when someone visits the channel home page. Think of it as an elevator pitch to help you gain subscribers. Trailers are recommended to be 1 to 2 minutes in length and should accurately describe what the channel is about and what kind of content is shared. Make it fun and exciting to grab viewers’ attention.
  • Create an About Page – The about page can be accessed via a tab on the YouTube channel home page. It is where you can share a short, but persuasive description of your channel and brand. It is best to put most of your focus in the first one or two sentences. Don’t forget to include relevant links and other vital details.

Research Keywords to Use in Tags, Titles & Descriptions

The chances are, if you are starting to implement video marketing, you should already have a content strategy in place, and that means you should have already come up with the most appropriate keywords for the brand. However, it is still a good idea to do some additional research for video marketing purposes. A simple way to find what people are searching on YouTube is to type one of your keywords into the search bar and look at the drop down of suggested autofill searches!

Once the most appropriate keywords have been selected, they can be worked into the videos titles, descriptions and tags. Where many brands fail in their video marketing efforts is that, although YouTube allows 500 characters to be used in tags, it is best to avoid using more than 10 to 15 tags. Any more than that will look like keyword stuffing. The most effective strategy is to start with long tail tags with specific search queries. Then add some more general medium sized phrases and finally a few single word tags.

Video marketing also relies heavily on titles; these are what draws an audience in. Use your core keywords in your video titles and even in the descriptions. At least one of your tags should appear in both the video title and the description.

These are just a few of the tips you can use to optimize a YouTube channel for more effective video marketing. Once you are more confident, you can start looking at more advanced techniques such as using playlists, creating a video series and optimizing your thumbnails. However, this is a great starting point if you are just starting out with video marketing via YouTube.
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