Game-Changing Tips for Facebook Business Page

Facebook is a massive resource for businesses due to the billions of people that log in daily. The potential marketing value is high, but how can do you maximize it? Keep in mind that Facebook’s business pages are to be treated differently than personal profiles. There is plenty of competition fighting for attention on Facebook, which means there is also a lot of opportunity.

Here are Some Facebook Business Page Tips and Tricks that Will Take Your Marketing Game to Whole New Level:

Mark Your Facebook Goals:
You need to set goals and have a vision in mind for your Facebook page. Whether you’re after great engagement or boosting your sales, you need to define your priorities and work accordingly. If you are serious about your business and want to make the most of this phenomenal platform, then the sky is the limit!

Your “About Us” Section Sets the Tone:
The “about us” tab on your Facebook page is as critical as your “call to action” tab. It is an opportunity to express the essence of your business in a nutshell. A brief but powerful intro will make or break it for your audience. In many cases it will determine whether they will hit the like button or not. Don’t give too much information but make sure it reveals what you do in a way that it shows how you are unique.

Play Around with Your Posting Schedule:
Setting a posting schedule is important for consistency and can help your team operate efficiently, but how can you know you’re posting at the ideal time? Try a few different time frames or play around with a number of posts you send out each day or week. This will help give you an idea as to when your targeted audience is most active.

Check out this article for more information on ideal posting times:

Express Your Thoughts Visually:
On social media, people love sharing great images, quotes, fun graphics, and jokes. This doesn’t mean that you should share jokes all the time and leave out the main theme of your business. It’s good to share your work on your Facebook page but this will get boring if it is the only thing you post. No matter what your aim is, it’s best to think as a customer and see what your audience likes and give them just that. Share images, fun graphics, powerful quotes and things that you see and do on a regular basis in order to connect with your audience.

Optimize Your Page for Mobile Views:
Make sure your Facebook page is optimized to look great on a mobile device. Millions of Facebook users access Facebook via a mobile device. What looks great on a desktop might not look as good on a mobile device. If your page is not optimized according to a mobile view then there are chances you may lose some potential clients.

Target a Specific Audience with Ads:
Facebook ads work great for your business. With the help of this feature, you can target your audience based on a variety of demographics. Facebook sponsored ads help you reach your customers in no time, boosting your sales and making your page visibility better. There are a lot of options you can choose from.

Putting It All Together:
Even if your business is small there are opportunities to grow within Facebook. Having a Facebook or Social media marketing strategy in place can be a tricky task, but it’s worth the effort. Share links to your social channels in your email signature and on your landing page so your audience can find you. Make sure your Facebook page is optimized properly for viewing on mobile devices and tablets. Finally, stick to your niche and experiment with your posting style and schedule, and watch your engagement and audience grow!

To Your Best Online!

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