From Viewing to Experiencing: Incorporating 360-Video into your Content Strategy

The release of the 360-degree video on Facebook in 2015 opened a new dimension of immersive experiences and brand storytelling. Available at first to only experienced professionals with significant budgets, the release made it accessible to the masses and companies with limited budgets and lack of technical resources. The technology is taking consumers to new levels by immersing them in unimaginable places and making them feel as if they are an active part of what they are viewing.

With 360-degree video, you can join your favorite Hollywood stars on the Oscar’s red carpet without an official invite or designer outfit, all thanks to ABC News for the live 360-degreee coverage.  You can be transported across the world to play with a species of endangered penguins on a lonely iceberg in Antarctica, a destination many of us may not have the possibility to visit, but with 360-degree video, we can now experience. The technology allows companies to showcase their products and share their stories differently. Nescafé, for example, is providing consumers with a behind-the-scenes look at their production line. They are using the technology to feature a series of videos  which invites viewers along to the step-by-step process of how their coffee is produced.

Companies worldwide are jumping on the 360-degree video bandwagon, recognizing it as an effective and interactive way to engage with their audiences, create more powerful brand messages, and provide content that their audiences can experience rather than just view. Whether you are a newbie to the world of 360-video or a seasoned pro, there’s much to gain from the past year of 360 content and audience experiences. We’ve outlined our top tips for making 360-video a successful component of your content strategy.

TIP 1: Invest in a Quality 360-Degree Camera

Expensive 360-degree cameras are already a thing of the past. You can purchase high-quality 360-degree cameras from reputable brands for less than $500. Including, the highly recommended 360Fly 4k at $499 or the Samsung Gear 360 at $300. Using your phone’s camera in conjunction with a 360-degree app is also an option; however, we recommend investing in the proper equipment as your phone’s camera is not necessarily suitable to film in this perspective and it can show in the final product.

TIP 2: Film with a purpose

As with any marketing campaign, ensure that you have outlined your strategy, mission, and objectives for utilizing 360-video. Are you shooting to promote a destination, showcase a product or event, or provide a behind-the-scenes sneak-peak? It’s important to produce content that is rich, vibrant, and engaging. If the story you are trying to tell your audience isn’t better and more engaging in 360, reconsider whether the 360-degree video is the right fit for telling that particular story. Avoid filming just for the sake of having a 360-degree video. Identifying a measurable objective is of fundamental importance when utilizing this new technology.

TIP 3: Incorporate narration

Although the freedom for users to view what they want may be the most compelling attributes of 360-video, it’s important to clearly describe and explain to your audience what they are seeing and as it is happening. Research has shown that for videos that do not have audio narration, users often feel ‘left out’ and as if they are missing out on what may be occurring in a different location of the video. Facebook introduced Guide in their 360 Publisher Tools to help highlight key points of interest in videos and make audiences confident they’re not missing out on any other actions taking place in the video. Create a balance between freedom and guidance and be sure to record quality audio that correlates with what is happening, tap into your inner Morgan Freeman and narrate away!

Planning to incorporate 360-degree video in your content strategy? At Blue Dress Inc, we are here to help you develop a clear and measurable strategy for integrating this technology into your marketing plan. Asking yourself questions such as, “Where do you want to take your audience?” and “How do you want to make them feel?” are only a few of the starting steps. The world of 360-degree video is an evolving and exciting one, and we are here to help you take advantage of everything it has to offer, every step of the way.

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