Finding Purpose Through Repurposing Content

If you are in the business of creating content then you know the pain of spending hours to find and develop just the right piece to share with your audience, only to watch it fade away on a constantly updating timeline. Sure, you share the content across multiple platforms, but after all the time spent to lock down just what your audience needs you still feel like there should be more that you can do with each post.

This is exactly where repurposing your content comes into play. We’re not just talking about re-sharing your content, this is about finding ways to re-craft content with the highest engagement in order to reach even more people. Think about your initial post as a short story, your repurposed content would be equivalent to converting that short story into a full-length novel, a stage play, and even a movie. Each medium has a different appeal and reaches a different audience, but all based off of the same initial concept.

Understanding Your Options

In this article, we’ll look at 12 different ways that you can repurpose your content to widen your reach. However, the very first step is to ensure that you are selecting content that has the best chance of yielding results. You don’t want to spend hours repurposing content that nobody wanted to read in the first place. Remember to check engagement over impressions. Whatever platform your initial content went out on should have this information readily available in their analytics page, but the key is to go for the content that has the highest engagement percentage and not just the most impressions.

1. SlideShare

SlideShare is a great platform for providing step-by-step guides or to simplify more complex content. This is a great way to share “how to’s”, “top 5’s”, and more, but remember this is a value first medium, think share not sell.

2. YouTube

No matter which repurpose opportunities you choose to take advantage of, creating a video should absolutely be one of them. We all know that video is owning attention and engagement on social media right now, in fact the organic reach of videos is 135% more than graphic posts alone. Specifically, creating a YouTube video allows your content to be easily embedded and shared, and additionally it makes your content searchable.

3. Infographics

Infographics are fun and engaging ways to share content of all varieties. This type of content blends in stunning visuals to your text-heavy content in a way that is sure to increase engagement while still providing lasting value. The great news is there are plenty of software options to help make this format even more approachable. Try these!

4. Live Video

Since Facebook introduced Live Video on their platform engagement has skyrocketed. Sharing content through live video deepens your ability to connect with your audience and the best news is you don’t need a professional video crew to produce it.

5. Blog Post

Whatever your initial content was, chances are you can expound on it and re-craft it into a new blog post. After you have gotten some initial feedback from your first post or a previously repurposed post, chances are that feedback has expanded your understanding of what your audience’s needs are. With this new insight in mind, you can create a blog post full of answers that is sure to satisfy your readers.

6. Webinar

Whether you are going to run the webinar solo, or use this opportunity to cross-promote with a colleague or an influencer, a webinar can be the best way to gain immediate engagement. In addition to providing in-depth information and answering questions on the spot, webinars are one of the quickest ways to convert followers into leads.

7. Text-Overlay

You see them all the time, some brilliant graphic with text on top either motivating, inspiring, or leading you to further information. If you didn’t do this with your initial post, then now is a good time to do it. Recreate your headline or a memorable piece of your content as a graphic with text overlay and be sure to have links for further information available.

8. Expanded Graphics

Some of the bigger social media players allow for larger graphics to be shared. This allows you additional opportunities to recreate your content. Instead of just a quick blurb to grab their attention you could create a bullet point list of a few key elements that is sure to make your audience hungry for more.

9.  Automated Email

Recreating your high-value content as an automated email is a great way to reach those who are interested in you or your business but might not be following you on a social platform just yet.

10. Audio Options

Whether you prefer a podcast or an interview, don’t overlook the value of audio-only outreach. Perhaps an interview with someone who has followed your advice and how it benefited them or a chat with an expert in the field, either way, you are sure to create engaging content that will benefit your audience and increase your reach.

11. Bonus Material

Repurpose your content to be part of a welcome package/email for new subscribers. Just remember people don’t want free garbage, so this won’t work for every bit of content. Save it for the content you are sure will wow them.

12. E-Book

Depending on how well you’ve been repurposing your content, and how far your reach and engagement has expanded, this may be your next best option. If you feel that through your efforts you have gained enough insight to create long-form content, then consider creating an e-book that can be downloaded at will.

That’s A Wrap!

Now that you have some new ideas on how to extend the life and value of your content it’s time to get started. First things first, remember to check engagement. While some content will gain better engagement in different mediums, be careful about what content you chose to repurpose. Do not spend hours remaking bad content that was rejected the first time only to have it cast aside again. Finally, get started, it’s likely some of these options are new for you and there is no telling what you might learn about yourself and your audience by trying out these new mediums.

To Your Best Online!

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