Facebook Replacing Relevance with 3 New Metrics

Facebook have announced that as of April 30, 2019 they will be ending relevance scores on the platform and shuttering 6 other metrics. These are set to be replaced by 3 new metrics. Let’s take a look at how these changes are going to impact your social media marketing efforts in the coming months.

The New Metrics Replacing Relevance Score

Until now, relevance score has played a key role in social media marketing as it allows advertisers a way to gauge how relevant their ad is likely to be to the target audience selected. However, the metric is being removed permanently as of April 30. Facebook have announced that it will be replaced by 3 new metrics designed to replace the relevance score. These new metrics have already begun rolling out. The new metrics are:

  • Quality Ranking – This metric will compare the quality of an ad in comparison with other ads targeting the same demographic.
  • Engagement Rate Ranking – Similar to the quality ranking, this metric will show a predicted engagement rate based on the performance of other ads competing for the same audience.
  • Conversion Rate Ranking – As you can probably guess by now, based on the first two new metrics introduced, the conversion rate ranking metric is going to predict the conversion rate of ads based on the performance of similar targeted ads.

These new metrics are not designed to be factored into the ad performance, but rather to give marketers some insight into how well the ad is likely to perform. This allows changes to be made before publication. It’s good news for social media marketing, since the 3 new metrics together should give a much more in-depth insight than the old relevancy score did on its own.

Other Metrics Due to be Shuttered

We know when relevancy score will be disappearing, but Facebook have also announced the shuttering of six more ad metrics over the coming months. These are metrics that the platform believes are no longer widely used and would be better replaced with other more effective metrics. This can only be more good news for social media marketing. The metrics that will begin to disappear soon will include:

  • Offers Saved
  • Cost Per Offers Saved
  • Messaging Replies
  • Cost Per Messaging Replies
  • Mobile App Purchase ROAS
  • Web Purchase ROAS

A number of new metrics will be rolled out to replace these and they should be more useful and more effective according to Facebook. For example, it has been announced that a new Posts Saved metric will be launched allowing social media marketing consultants to see how many people are saving ads to revisit later. There are also changes coming in regard to messaging connections that based on user feedback should offer more valuable insights.

These metric changes are a big deal in terms of social media marketing as they are going to offer a much more in depth look at the predicted performance of targeted ads. This will help marketers to tweak and optimize ads to get their message in front of the tight people.

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