Facebook Live: Tips for Before, During & After

When it comes to social media marketing, one of the most engaging types of content to share is video. If you can share live video, then that’s even better! Facebook Live enjoys three times as much engagement as any other type of social media marketing. Facebook gives priority to native video content, especially Facebook Live, meaning these posts are more likely to be served up on your audience’s news feed. There are more people than ever before using live streaming as a marketing tool.

With Facebook Live generating the equivalent of 3000 years of watch time every single day, it is not something marketers can afford to ignore. Let’s take a look at a few tips to help you get the most out of Facebook Live before, during and after broadcast!

Before Going Live

1 – Promote Before Broadcasting

Most of the time content marketing and social media marketing revolves around following up a post with promotion. However, with Live video, the content becomes more of an event, and that means promoting it before it happens. It is important to generate as much interest as possible in advance so the video reaches as broad an audience as possible.

2 – Limit Distractions

Facebook Live is a more organic and laid-back type of social media marketing, but it still needs to be professional. Every single piece of content that is distributed represents your brand, so it has to make the right impression. On a live stream there is no editing or re-take, so you have to get it right first time! Prepare in advance by limiting distractions. Choose a quiet location to film where there are minimal disruptions, turn off phones, close the windows and make sure the internet connection is strong enough for a clear feed.

3 – Get the Timing Right

Facebook Live may seem spontaneous, but the most successful broadcasts are planned in advance! If you are using a social media marketing calendar, then you will already have a good idea about the best times to post. When is the target audience likely to be online? There is no point in going Live when the target audience is sleeping or at work. Time live streams at a time when the biggest audience is accessible.

During the Live Stream

1 – Offer Context Often

It seems natural to introduce yourself at the start of a Facebook Live video. However, viewers can join in with the stream at any point, so it is a wise decision to repeat your welcome briefly at periodic times throughout the broadcast. Use something simple as ‘for anyone just joining us, my name is X, and today we are discussing this topic.’

2 – Be Responsive

One of the things that makes Facebook Live a great social media marketing tool is that it allows for real-time interaction. Customers feel like they are engaged in a two-way conversation and will feel more connected if their comments get a response. Facebook Live generates ten times as many comments as pre-recorded videos, so make the most of them. It can be helpful to have someone off camera who can monitor comments and prompt you to answer them, rather than you having to keep an eye on the feed yourself.

After Going Live

It is tempting to think that once a live broadcast is over, it can be pushed to the backburner. However, that is definitely not the case! Building on the momentum is important. Facebook Live videos are instantly archived when the stream ends, so go back and share the video for those who missed out. It is also an excellent opportunity to go back and answer the comments that you did not have a chance to address during the broadcast.

These are just a few of the tips that will help to make Facebook Live a vital part of any social media marketing plan.
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